Year of Sheep - 2015 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Pig

For people born in Pig years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

Chinese Zodiac Pig If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. (Verify Your Sign)

Pigs are treated as lucky animal in Chinese horoscopes. This is because pigs just eat, drink and sleep during the entire life in China. Pig spends most of time indoor and Sheep almost stay outdoor. They have their own territory. They don't disturb each other.

In Chinese Five Elements theory, Pig is in the Water group and Sheep is in the Earth group. Water and Earth are opposite elements. But they don't fight each other. Actually, Pig contains Male Water and Male Wood.  Sheep contains Female Earth, Female Fire and Female Wood. Male Water of Pig and Female Fire of Sheep have attraction relationship. Male Wood of Pig and Female Earth of Sheep have attraction relationship too. This means Pig and Sheep look incompatible. but they can get along. This is a good sign to Pig people.

2015 is a Wooden Sheep year. Wood of 2015 is connected to grass, vine, shrub, flower or vegetables. Sheep contains mainly Female Earth, which is related to farmland or plain. If grass, flowers or vegetables want to grow well in the farmland, they need water. Pig contains mainly Male Water, which is related to flowing water, river, brook or waterfall. That means Pig Water can help Sheep Earth to grow the plants. Sheep provides working environment for Pig. Their combination benefits each other.

Two lucky Dragon Stars appears in 2015. That's is a good sign for Pig students. Pig people in school will have very good academic performance in the year of Sheep.

Career: Pig contains mainly Water. So Water represents you. Sheep contains mainly Earth. In Chinese horoscopes, Earth is the Career Star to Water. Therefore, 2015 is the career year to Pig people. 2015 is the year of Female Wood Sheep. Female Wood is grass or flowers. Sheep is the land. 2015 is a land filled with grass and flowers. It's required Water to grow more and maintain them.

If you are looking for a job, then you will find the place to fit you well. Your company will satisfy your performance. If you are working on the project, you will enjoy your tasks. You might even spend extra hours in the company.

If your company is Earth, then you (Water) is the money to your company. This tells us that your tasks or projects will bring significant income to the company. Wood of 2015 represents the your talent, expression, performance and reputation. Since Sheep also contains some Wood. 2015 is a strong Wood year. Therefore, your job performance in 2015 will win a strong reputation in the company. A job promotion is possible.

Pig people also need to pay attention on the work ethics. There is a Problem Star related to law appearing in 2015. You should avoid the dispute and conflict at work.

Money: In Chinese horoscopes, Fire is the Money element to Water. Therefore, Fire is money to Pig people. Sheep of 2015 also contains Wood and some Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn. Wood is very strong in 2015. Good money luck is quite promising.

Wood is your reputation. If you have good reputation, then it will bring you good money fortune. Your career luck is pretty good this year. If you do well in your job position, then the reputation will come toward you automatically. Therefore, focusing in your career, then wealth will come after.

Love: Pig and Sheep have hidden attraction relationship. Pig people should have good people relationship in 2105. If you are single, then you need to attend more social events to increase the chances to meet opposite sex. But the Love Sign is not strong this year. Therefore, the development of love relationship will be slow.

If you are a single female, then you will have good opportunities to meet boys this year. This is because Earth of Sheep represents the Husband or Boyfriend to a female.

Earth also contains Fire, which is connected to Wife or Girlfriend to a man. Fire in Sheep is not strong enough. But you can wait for the summer time. Fire will be stronger in the summer.

Health: Pig people will spend more time and energy on their career. They also will work hard for money. Wood of 2015 will make you weak. Earth of 2015 will bring you pressure. Pig people should remember to rest their body and recharge their energy after work. You should reserve time for exercising and refreshing your mind.

2015 is a year of Wood and Earth. when Pig people get sick, then pay attention on digestive system and nervous system - stomach, spleen and muscle etc.

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