Year of Sheep - Chinese Horoscope 2015 for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

For people born in Rabbit years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999.

Chinese Zodiac RabbitIf your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Tiger , not Rabbit. (Verify Your Sign)

Rabbit is a shy, alert and resourceful animal. Sheep is a mild and timid animal.  In Chinese Five Elements theory, Rabbit contains Wood and Sheep contains, Earth, Wood and Fire. Both of them have Wood inside. Wood is connected to kindness. They don't argue each other and they won't attack each other. They have attraction relationship into Wood. They can get along well. 2015 will have a good year to Rabbit people. You will have joyful, happy and memorable events happening in year of Sheep.

There are Intelligent Star, Dragon Star, Phoenix Star and Problem-Solver Star appearing in year of Wooden Sheep. Rabbit people will do well in their academic and career development. They will have good people relationship with their friends and good love relationship with their families.

Rabbit people have friendly and adorable personality. People would like to help them when Rabbit encounters a problem. Sometimes, Rabbit people can turn their bad luck into good fortune in 2015.

Career: Rabbit is Wood, 2015 is Wood Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth and Wood. Therefore Wood is strong in 2015. If Rabbit people have any trouble, pressure, challenges from the career, then Rabbit people can find friends around to help. Since Rabbit and Sheep have attraction relationship. All their friends will be happy to help Rabbit's career development. This is a good year for Rabbit to find business partners and build a successful business relationship.

The career luck of Rabbit people will carry down from the previous year. Rabbit people should continue to build  people relationship in the office. They can use their extra energy to help their coworkers to implement their tasks. Rabbit people should work with their manager or boss as close as possible. That's is the chance to get job promotion or raise the salary in 2015.

The Career Star for Rabbit is Metal. There is no Metal in year of Sheep. If you are still looking for a job, then the job opportunity won't come toward you. You must meet friends and ask for any job opportunities around them. Rabbit people's connections are the major channel to find the job position in 2015.

Money: 2015 is Wooden Sheep Year. Sheep contains mainly Earth. Earth is Money Star to Rabbit. Wood of 2015 represents to Rabbit's friends or relatives. Therefore, the money opportunity is among people around. The sign of money luck is money out and then money in. In the spring of 2005, Rabbit people will spend money on friendship. You might have extra expense at social activities, buy gifts to relatives, give a loan to your friend, or invest money on business partners. The the second half of 2015, then money will return back to you quietly because of your good reputation and great people relationship.

The money income this year is not complete job related. The extra income might from moonlighting, bonus, errand, reward, or lucky investment. However, if you show off your money luck, then your friends and relatives will be happy to ask and share your wealth. Year of Sheep is a good year of saving. You should prepare a plan for your financial management.

Love: Rabbit and Sheep of 2015 have attraction relationship. That is a good sign for people and love relationship. People looking for love should spend more time with friends and attend different social events. You will have good chance to meet someone attracting you. If you are in love, this is a good year to develop a deeper relationship. April, July and October are the good months for love relationship.

If you are a male and single, then you will have very good opportunity to meet a female you like in 2015. You can pay more attention on people born in year of Pig, Sheep, Dog or Dragon.

Health: There is no bad sign of health in 2015. Rabbit people probably will spend more time on social activities. They just need to make sure to have enough time for rest. They have to reserve energy for their career. 2015 is a strong Wood year. Therefore, Rabbit people may check their digestive system and nervous system, if necessary.

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