Year of Sheep - 2015 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Rat

For people born in Rat years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

Chinese Zodiac RatIf your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Pig, not Rat. (Verify Your Sign)

2015 is year of Sheep. Sheep is the animal in the farmland and active during the day. Rat is the animal inside the building and active in the night. In Chinese Five Elements theory, Sheep contains mainly Earth and Rat contains Water. Water and Earth are opposite elements. Therefore, Rat and Sheep have totally different personalities. Rat is not welcomed to be in the group of Sheep.

2014 was the year of Horse. Rat and Horse have the fighting relationship, which is a face-to-face argument. Rat people shouldn't have a good year of Horse. 2015 is year of Sheep. Sheep and Rat have hurting relationship. The hurting relationship is caused by criticizing people from their back or hurting people's feeling inadvertently. The hurting relationship still implies poor people relationship. The most impact will happen on the love or relative relationship.

2015 is a Female Wooden Sheep year. Wood is related to shrub, plant, grass, flower or vine. Sheep contains Earth, Wood and Fire.  Earth is the farmland to grow plant. Rat is Female Water. That means Rat people provide water or rain to help Sheep's farmland to grow the plant. Therefore, 2015 is the year for Rat people to give their contribution, care and love to people. Then they will receive the reward.

Career: Rat people's career in 2014 shouldn't be good. The main reason was Horse and Rat have hostile and fighting relationship. Rat people in 2015 still have people relationship issue. But if you can pay attention on your words and acts and avoid unnecessary argument, then you should be able to handle the relationship with your boss and coworkers.

Rat is Water. Sheep is Earth. Earth represents career to Rat people. That means the career opportunity coming to you in 2015. Wood of 2015 represents your expression, talent and job performance. That's a good sign for the career luck. If you can apply your knowledge and talent on your job, then you will earn the reputation from people. However, the job always bring people pressure. It's required some energy to execute your performance. If you can manage the job pressure in 2014, then the career should be an easy task to you in 2015.

Money: Fire represents Money to Rat people. 2014 is a Horse year. Horse contains Fire. 2015 is a Sheep year. Sheep contains some Fire. Therefore, your money luck from 2014 will continue. But it won't come that strong. The money will come to you slowly in 2015.

Sheep contains Female Earth which is the ground soil to help Wood (tree) to grow taller or spread wider. Therefore, the task for Rat people is to water the tree. But you need to wait flowers or fruits appearing on the tree, then harvest it. The major event of 2015 is in the career area. If you perform well in your career, then you will receive the reward. In short, you need to spend your labor and time to get what you want. You need a little bit patience to wait for the extra income in 2015.

There is a Little Exhausted Star to Rat people in 2015. That is a sign of little money loss. Rat people might have to spend extra money in medicine, car repair, bad investment, robbery, or be cheated. Therefore, don't  have any dispute with villain to avoid money loss. To earn money is a hardship event. Don't let money disappear for unexpected reason.

Love: The Love relationship for Rat people in 2015 is better than the previous year. If you are female and single, then you will have more chances to meet opposites. If you are married or in love, then you will spend good time with your partner. But you have to watch for your behaviors and expressions. You might hurt your lover's heart inadvertently because of impropriate actions. That will impact your love relationship.

Because of the Hurting relationship between Rat and Sheep, Rat people must try to avoid quarrel with the one you love. If something bad has been happening and you cannot handle it, then you may find Pig people to help both of you to cease the dispute. Then you will have better chance to recover your relationship.

Health: There is a Pressure Star appearing in 2015 to Rat people. That might be related to your job. So you need to put your health on the top priority before your career. You need to have enough rest and relax after work. Also, you need to watch for your safety to prevent from injury. It's same to last year. You still need to pay attention on your kidney, bladder or cardiovascular system in 2015.

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