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Horse Chinese Zodiac 2024, Year of Dragon

This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2024 is for people born in Horse years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014. If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Snake, not Horse. If you have questions about your Chinese zodiac sign, please check the article on the Verify Your Sign page.

2024 is the Chinese Green Wood Dragon Year. The first day of the 2024 Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, 2024. This date is the first day of Tiger Month in the Chinese astrological calendar. This date is not the Chinese New Year Day, which is the first lunar day of the first lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The new moon time determines the new moon date. The new moon time is at 6:59 on February 10, 2024, in the China time zone. Therefore, Chinese New Year Day is February 10, 2024.

What Does the Horse Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2024

The Dragon is the most powerful creature in the sky, while the Horse is the fastest zodiac on the ground. They compete with each other to become the leader.

The Horse represents both Yin Fire and Yin Earth. It corresponds to the zodiac month that includes the summer solstice, and its hour is midday, around noon. The Horse is the most scorching Fire zodiac.

The Dragon is a triphibious creature, dwelling on land, in the sea, and in the air. In the sky, it enjoys hiding among clouds, appearing mysteriously, only revealing part of the body. It embodies mystery, vitality, dignity, and wisdom, symbolizing power as well.

The Dragon contains Yang Earth, Yin Water, and Yin Wood. Yang Earth represents the soil of high mountains, while Yin Water represents a lake. Therefore, the Dragon is associated with being a water reservoir in the mountains.

Dragon's Yang Earth can represent a tall walls, while Horse's Yin Fire represents candles, electric lights, and illumination devices. Putting light and walls together, they transform into splendid and dazzling advertising billboards. The Dragon provides a place for the Horse to shine, and the Horse makes the Dragon the object of attention. They have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Horses pursue success, victory, power, and reputation, while dragons respect their knowledge and wise ideas. Horses offer dragons abundant love and limitless support. The cooperative relationship between them can easily lead to the Dragon's success, and the Horse will feel overwhelming pride, joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

2024 Chinese Zodiac Horse in Dragon Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Horse vs. the 2024 Year of Dragon

HorseDragon 2024 is the Year of the Green Dragon. You were born in the Year of Horse. The following is the Green Dragon year prediction for people born in the year of the Horse.

Facing powerful Dragon, the horse will ignite its competitive spirit. It will diligently and tirelessly showcase itself till seeing accomplishments.


The Horse belongs to the element of Fire. Water can extinguish and restrain Fire, so, Water represents your career. There is Yin Water within the Dragon. The Dragon is also known as a water reservoir.

That implies your ambition in your career becomes strong. You might set many career goals, which leads to heavy pressure on you.

The Horse's focus on their career can be energy-consuming. They need to see achievements to feel relaxed.

Job Change

In the Year of the Dragon, if there are opportunities for job changes or promotions, it's advisable to think carefully. The Dragon represents the Earth element, signifying high mountains and obstacles. Additionally, the Earth element within the Dragon has Water, forming a swampy path that's difficult to navigate. This implies that the position exists within a competitive environment, making it challenging to stand out.

Generally, sticking to the current situation is safer than making a move. Unless you have abundant energy and genuine enthusiasm, consider stepping forward.


The Horse belongs to the Fire element. Fire melts Metal, and Metal represents your wealth. The Dragon belongs to the Earth element and lacks Metal.

This implies that you won't be focusing much on financial management and earning money. It's also unlikely that you'll come across opportunities for windfall gains. If you have surplus funds for investment, it's advisable to avoid those short-term risky business. Prioritize caution in all your decisions.


The Horse and the Dragon have a mother-child relationship, characterized by unconditional love. However, it's challenging for them to ignite a romantic spark, which is attraction-based love.

If you're a woman, Water represents your boyfriend or husband. A Yin Water is hidden within the Earth of the Dragon. The Dragon is also associated with being a water reservoir. Single ladies should actively seek opportunities to meet gentlemen who are attractive to them.

The water in the reservoir is still, implying that your compatible man might be passive and hiding in a corner. Single women should engage in social activities more frequently to find a suitable partner.

If you're a man, Metal represents the girlfriends or wives of men. The Dragon belongs to the Earth element and lacks Metal. Thus, the chances of single men finding an ideal girlfriend aren't significant.

The Dragon and the Rooster are attracted to each other and can form Metal when together. Unmarried men can increase their chances of meeting their ideal partner by spending time with those born in the Year of the Rooster.

Social Circle

Expecting with Dragon's support, Horses aim for success and reputation. However, interactions between the Horse and the Dragon are tough to satisfy.

The Dragon might overshadow you, but being a supporting actor is fine — you'll still have your fans. In such cases, consider exploring new groups and rebuilding your network.


When the Horse encounters the Dragon, there could be power struggles. If you're involved in legal disputes, arguments, or controversies with others, you will likely lose the case.

The Dragon is powerful, strategizing, and tricky. Eventually, you might find yourself stepping into their trap and end up in a difficult situation. Hence, it's best to quickly reconcile with the other party. Minimizing significant matters to minor issues is the wisest approach.


Dragon's Earth is like high mountains. There's Yin Earth within the Horse. The Horse's Fire element is the mother element of the Earth. When the Horse and Earth are together, the Earth element becomes overly strong. With too much Earth, be cautious about stomach and digestion issues.

Earth can absorb Water. If your astrology chart has too little Water, be careful about bladder, kidney, stone-related, and urinary system problems. Stay hydrated by drinking more water.

An excess of Earth could completely bury the Metal element. If your astrology chart lacks Metal, pay attention to throat, lung, and respiratory health. Engaging in outdoor activities is beneficial. Spend time in open parks, by riversides, or walking along the beach to breathe in fresh air. It's the best choice for your well-being.

General Fortune

Entering Dragon's territory, the horse faces high mountains ahead and swamps behind. It requires carefulness and caution at every step to achieve triumphant results.

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2024 Chinese Horoscope Prediction by Birthday

Above 2024 Chinese Zodiac Prediction gives you limited information. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Birth Year of your Horoscope Birth Chart. Your zodiac sign of birth year is related to your early life, family tradition, culture, and your external personality. It's connected to your appearance and the public relationship.

For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between Day Master and the Dragon Zodiac Sign of 2024. The Day Master of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

It's required your birthday to know your Chinese astrology birth chart and your Day Master. Your Day Master is the upper element showing on the DAY column of the birth chart. You can find it on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign page. The following link is the 2024 Chinese Zodiac Prediction using the Day Master.

Our Daily Chinese Horoscope provides the prediction information of yearly, monthly, and daily cycles for the coming year. But it's required your birthday and birth time to have free reading. If you don't know your birth time, then ask your mother or find your birth certificate.

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