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Tiger Chinese Zodiac 2024, Year of Dragon

This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2024 is for people born in Tiger years: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger. If you have questions about your Chinese zodiac sign, please check the article on the Verify Your Sign page.

2024 is the Chinese Green Wood Dragon Year. The first day of the 2024 Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, 2024. This date is the first day of Tiger Month in the Chinese astrological calendar. This date is not the Chinese New Year Day, which is the first lunar day of the first lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The new moon time determines the new moon date. The new moon time is at 6:59 on February 10, 2024, in the China time zone. Therefore, Chinese New Year Day is February 10, 2024.

What Does the Tiger Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2024

The Tiger is associated with the Yang Wood element, symbolizing the tall trees of early spring. Tiger's month is February, a time when plants start to revive, but the weather remains chilly. The Dragon is a creature that thrives in three environments: land, water, and sky. It is a mysterious, energetic, majestic, and intelligent animal. The Dragon is connected to Yang Earth, representing high mountains. Additionally, the Dragon contains Yin Water, which is related to a lake, hence being known as a water reservoir.

The combination of Yang Earth and Yin Water in the Dragon creates the energy of Fire, allowing the Dragon to breathe out fire. The soil, water, and energy inside the Dragon contribute to helping the Wood of the Tiger grow taller and stronger. According to the Chinese Five Elements, Dragon's Earth is the Wealth Star of Tiger's Wood, while Tiger's Wood is the Career Star of Dragon's Earth. When the Tiger and Dragon work as a team, the Dragon gains career luck, and the Tiger gains wealth luck. The Tiger acts as the boss, while the Dragon helps the Tiger make money. They are excellent partners in business and career.

The Dragon contains Earth, Water, and Wood. The Tiger contains Wood, Fire, and Earth. The Water of the Dragon controls the Fire of the Tiger, and the Wood of the Tiger controls the Earth of the Dragon. The Tiger and the Dragon mutually restrain each other. When the Dragon and the Tiger coexist, each has its respective roles. The Tiger handles diplomacy, and the Dragon manages internal affairs.

2024 Chinese Zodiac Tiger in Dragon Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Tiger vs. the 2024 Year of Dragon

TigerDragon 2024 is the Year of the Green Dragon. You were born in the Year of Tiger. The following is the Green Dragon year prediction for people born in the year of the Tiger.

When a Tiger teams up with a Dragon, The Dragon gains power, and the Tiger gains wealth.


The Tiger belongs to the Wood element, and Metal can chop and restrain Wood. Therefore, Metal represents your career. The Dragon belongs to the Earth element, with no Metal within. This implies that during the year of the Dragon, you won't experience work pressure, or you may not be interested in pursuing power and authority. Instead, your focus will be on increasing wealth.

The Tiger represents Yang Wood, akin to a tall tree that thrives in rich soil. The Dragon symbolizes a high mountain with a water reservoir. Water nourishes Wood, allowing the Tiger's Wood element to flourish. The Dragon can act as an excellent mentor to the Tiger, supporting your growth and success. Consequently, you should expect outstanding performance at work and promising career prospects.

When the Tiger encounters the Dragon, the Dragon gains power and status. The Dragon assumes the role of a CEO, while the Tiger becomes a business owner. The Dragon's actions lead to financial gains for the Tiger. When Dragon and Tiger collaborate, they seamlessly work together, creating mutual benefits and achieving win-win outcomes.

Job Change

The Earth element of the Dragon represents your wealth. When the Dragon appears on the calendar, you can expect good financial luck. The sign also indicates that your career will experience stable development. If there is a chance of a job promotion, you should express enthusiasm for the work and be open to accepting the new position. After the changes in the working environment, you can showcase your talents and achieve both fame and fortune.


Since the Tiger belongs to the Wood element, and Earth represents your money or wealth. The Dragon is associated with the Yang Earth element, representing tall mountains and rich soil. Therefore, you should have a decent and sufficient income. In short, financial luck is prosperous and stable, allowing for rapid accumulation of wealth.


The Tiger is associated with Yang Wood, representing a big tree. The Dragon belongs to the Earth element. If you are male, Earth represents your girlfriend or wife. Single men have a good chance of finding a suitable partner. Those in a romantic relationship will experience harmonious feelings and sweet love.

If you are female, Metal represents your boyfriend or husband. There is no Metal within the Dragon. Single women may have a smaller chance of finding an ideal boyfriend. Unmarried women can frequently interact with those born in the Year of the Monkey or the Rooster, which could ignite potential romantic connections.

Social Circle

Both the Tiger and the Dragon are prominent leaders, each with their own network of contacts. When the Tiger encounters the Dragon, it will expand its good interpersonal relationships. However, when the Tiger and Dragon interact, conflicts may arise. If there are misunderstandings, it's best to have a friend born in the Year of the Rabbit step in to mediate.


Those born under the Tiger sign may encounter more conflicts when interacting with others. In the event of an argument, dispute, or lawsuit with someone, as long as you have a legitimate and reasonable cause, you will win the case.

Because the Dragon is satisfied with you for helping it make money, it will support you when you are in trouble. With the Dragon as your backing, you may achieve an overwhelming victory in court. However, it is still best to resolve the issue and reach a settlement with the other party as soon as possible.


The Dragon contains the Earth, Water, and Wood elements. These elements serve as good sources of nourishment for the Yang Wood of the Tiger. Therefore, your health is likely to be generally good.

The Yang Earth of the Dragon specifically represents dry earth. If there is already a significant amount of Earth in your astrology chart, then you should pay attention to your stomach and digestive system. If you lack water elements in your birth chart, then you should be mindful of your kidneys, bladder, and urinary system.

General Fortune

Powerful Tiger and Dragon together create a favorable environment for success, prosperity, and opportunities. This potent combination symbolizes strength and good fortune. It is crucial to seize opportunities and not let them slip away.

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2024 Chinese Horoscope Prediction by Birthday

Above 2024 Chinese Zodiac Prediction gives you limited information. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Birth Year of your Horoscope Birth Chart. Your zodiac sign of birth year is related to your early life, family tradition, culture, and your external personality. It's connected to your appearance and the public relationship.

For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between Day Master and the Dragon Zodiac Sign of 2024. The Day Master of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

It's required your birthday to know your Chinese astrology birth chart and your Day Master. Your Day Master is the upper element showing on the DAY column of the birth chart. You can find it on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign page. The following link is the 2024 Chinese Zodiac Prediction using the Day Master.

Our Daily Chinese Horoscope provides the prediction information of yearly, monthly, and daily cycles for the coming year. But it's required your birthday and birth time to have free reading. If you don't know your birth time, then ask your mother or find your birth certificate.

2024 Rise and Fall Chart

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