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The ancient Chinese YIN-YANG scholars thought the universe is divided into three parts. The first part is Heaven, the second part is Earth and the third one is for all living species. Because humans are custodians of all the living species, the third one is named Human.

We can find Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth everywhere on the ground. The Chinese scholars named them the Five Elements. Human beings live between Heaven and Earth just like Five Elements. Therefore humans must have a relationship with Five Elements or be like them. As there are affinity and enmity relationships among the Five Elements, there must be similar relationships among humans. Ancient Chinese scholars developed the astrology system from here. That's why the Five Elements can tell people's future.

If you want to get a better life, you need know more about yourself and everything around you. That means you need know your Heaven Part, Earth Part and Human Part. Chinese names them as Three Tao's (Ways).

The Heaven Tao is the most difficult one to understand, since it's untouchable. Chinese Astrology helps you to find the hints about yourself in the Heaven Part area. This way you can be aware of your good or bad years in advance and plan for your life.

The Earth Tao is anything on the ground, on which you stand every day. Since it's so close to you, you must deal with it well in order to get better luck. The answer to getting a better life from the Earth Part is Feng Shui. We may cover the Chinese Feng Shui in the future.

The Human Tao is your body. If you need a better life, you need a healthy body first. Chinese Five Elements theory can predict peopleís health too. We will definitely cover the health section in the future. The next thing to impact your life is your behavior. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you write, the way you sit, the face you have, the palm and shape ?of? your hands, the color of light from you (aura) and so on are all factors that affect your life. Some Chinese Professional fortune tellers possess this knowledge, can determine a personís past and future more accurately and so give better advice.

The role the Chinese Calendar plays in Three Tao's is to provide the Five Elementís information for Astrology, Human body and Feng Shui. The Yin Yang Five Elements are still the foundation inside the Tao.

You can find the philosophy of linking Three Tao's together from religions or meditation groups. They have their way to communicate with the universe and bring up pure spirit. This way you can find the meaning of your life. If you feel everyday is meaningful to you, you think positively then you will get a better life.

You can see that the Astrology in Heaven Tao cannot help you more than 30% in your life. If you really want to improve your life, you need to work on all Three Tao's. You need the professional's advice, which is not cheap. That may be why the rich are getting richer everyday, since they can hire the professional consultants.

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