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Chinese Astrology: The Best and Worst Year

If you want to know the best years in your life, you must know yourself well first. That means that you must first know your Five Elements Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) and which is your lucky element from the Chinese Fortune Calendar. If you have visited some other pages on our Website, you may already know that 40% of your luck is dominated by the Decade Ruler (Stem-Branch) and another 40% by the Annual Ruler (Stem-Branch).

The Decade Stem-Branch will be replaced every 10 years and the Annual Stem-Branch will be changed every year. Step 2 in the Help page shows the Decade Stem-Branch in the Decade cycle. Step 3 in the Help page shows the Annual Stem-Branch listing.

You can find the annual Stem-Branch from Find the weight of elements for 10 Years in the Five-Element Menu page. The only way to find your Decade Stem-Branch is to click ‘Find your major decade cycles’ on the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar Return Screen. We suggest you print your decade cycle page out and paste it on the wall for easy reference.

Although the information on this Website is limited, you still have two ways to find the best years.

<Method 1>

To find your very best year, firstly find when your lucky element has a score of more than 30 in the decade cycle list. These 10 years are the best in comparison to your entire life. You possibly got (or will get) married at this time. Then, find when your lucky element has the highest scores for that 10 years from Find the weight of elements for 10 Years in Five-Element Menu. The highest score year is the best in the best decade.

<Method 2>

In the Stem and Branch system, when certain Stems or Branches meet together, they cause a special reaction and form an extra elemental force. Here, we only want to emphasize the very special cases about three specific Branches (known as a Powerful Trio) meeting together.

If you find your lucky element together with its related, all Powerful Trio in your birth chart, decade ruler, and annual ruler, then it is quite possible that the year denoted is your very best year.

If your lucky element is Water, you should search for the Monkey, Rat, and Dragon Trio. If your lucky element is Fire, you should search for the Tiger, Horse, and Dog Trio.

Note: Not everyone will have opportunities for success and happiness like this.

To find the worst year is to search for the time when the Powerful Trio of the unlucky elements converges.

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