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Four Steps To Know Your Own Fortune

You can find out your lucky years and places by the following steps.

Before doing this, you must know your birthday and birth time and birth-place. If you don't know your birth time, ask your mother or find it from your birth certificate.

Five Elements are metal, water, wood, fire, earth. The weights of the Five Elements in your Chinese astrology birth chart can tell the rise and fall of your entire life.

Step 1 - Find Your Five Element Scores

Enter your birth information from Chinese Fortune Calendar. It will return your Five-Element scores. You need to remember the scores or print it out. Usually, the element with the smallest score is your lucky element. When the lucky element comes into your life, you will be very lucky.  Click here for more detail.

Five Elements comes into your life with two cycles. One comes in 10-year (Decade) cycle. The other comes every year.

Step 2 - Find Five Element in Decade Cycles

To find your Five Elements in the Decade cycle click ‘Find your major decade cycles’ on the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar Return Screen. The Five Elements in Decade cycle will display like this.

Step 3 - Find Five Element in Yearly Cycles

The Five Elements of the annual cycle can be found in Five Elements Menu. You can find them in a particular year or ten years in a row.

Step 4 - Knowing Lucky Places and Times

All other related information can be found in the Five-Element Chart.

This chart can tell the times and places can bring you luck. For example, If Wood is the lucky element, the lucky place is the East side or a place with lots of trees or green. Spring is the lucky season. Good luck will come more often when Wearing something green or when eating something sour...

Understanding the Five Elements is the way to live luckier, wealthier, healthier and happier.

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