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Auspicious Wedding, Marriage Dates 2022: Farmer's Almanac

Chinese Almanac combines Chinese lunar calendar, solar calendar, stem-branch calendar, Feng Shui calendar and other calendars. 2022 is Chinese 4719th Year. 2022 Chinese calendar is the year of Black Water Tiger. The 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year Day is on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The first day of the 2022 Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, 2022.

More than 80% of Chinese families use Chinese Farmer's Almanac or Tung Shu to find the lucky days for wedding, marriage, or engagement. Our 2022 Chinese Farmer's Calendar can dynamically calculate the auspicious wedding dates using different time zones. It collects the information about lunar solar calendar, Stem-Branches, Five Elements, I-Ching Hexagrams, 28 Stars, 12 Cycle Days, Purple White Flying Stars, 72 seasons, and Feng Shui related elements. And then it pre-calculates wedding event's auspicious sign and ill omen for each day. The following is the auspicious wedding dates calculated by 2022 Chinese Farmer's Calendar for China time zone.

2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates of China Time Zone

Pick Your Personal Auspicious Wedding Date

The Auspicious Wedding Dates above from Chinese Farmer's Almanac are for general public. If you are serious about picking an auspicious wedding day for yourself, then we need the following Chinese astrology applications to verify the wedding day suggested by Farmer's Almanac has no conflict with your Chinese astrology birth chart.

By Master Allen Tsai on March 11, 2022

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