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The Chinese God of Stove, Kitchen God, Zao Shen

One of Chinese yearend events is the Farewell Day for the God of the Stove on the 24th lunar day of 12th month in Chinese calendar. On this day, God of Stove has return to the Heaven to report his duty to the Jade Emperor, Emperor of Gods. The 24th lunar day of 12th month is on . He will be back on the 4th lunar day of the Chinese New Year month, . This date is the Welcome Home Day for the God of Stove. Who is the God of Stove?

In Chou Dynasty (1122 B.C.), Mr. Chang was born in a rich family. He was very wasteful and spent all the family money very quickly. After running out of money, he decided to do a small business, but without money. He sold his wife to someone as a maid. But he promised to buy her back.

Unfortunately, he was a real prodigal and couldn't change his habit. He became a beggar after spending all his wife's money. Finally, he woke up and was very regret and very sorry for his wife. But he couldn't do anything.

One day he begged for food on the front of his ex-wife's house. His ex-wife recognized him and brought him into kitchen for better food. Meanwhile, his ex-wife's husband came back into kitchen. Mr. Chang quickly and quietly hid in the stove. But the husband put the fire into the stove to prepare hot water for bath. Mr. Chang kept inside and didn't make a sound to protect his ex-wife reputation. Certainly he was burnt to die.

Later, his ex-wife prayed for Mr. Chang over the kitchen stove every day. People asked her what she was doing. She always answered she worshiped the God of Stove. The name of God of Stove was spread from there.

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By Master Allen Tsai on January 18, 2022

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