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Introduction of the Kingdom of the Chinese Hell

What does the Chinese Hell look like?

After death, the spirits will go to the legendary hell and wait for the judgment. Depending on their behaviors on the earth, the evil and notorious persons need to go through ten palaces to receive the punishments.

The First Palace of the Hell
Chin-Kwang King
The Second Palace of the Hell
Chu Kiang King
The Third Palace of the Hell
Sung Dee King

The Legendary Hell is under a burning and scorching big stone in the sea. When arriving the First Palace of the Hell after death, spirits will face their judgment day to determine to go to heaven or suffer in the hell.

The 4th Palace of the Hell
Wu-Kuan King
The 5th Palace of the Hell
Yen-Lo King
The 6th Palace of the Hell
Ka-Chen King

People with evil behaviors will be punished on their body. Such as walking on the ground with knifes and saws, frying in the caldron (big pan) of oil, tying on the hot post, poking eyes, taking out the heart, pulling out the tong, sucking blood, eating hot oil, cutting body into pieces and so on.

The 7th Palace of the Hell
Tai-Shan King
The 8th Palace of the Hell
Tu-Sze King
The 9th Palace of the Hell
Sung Pin-Tong

Death spirits still feel the great pain from their body torture. But the death people won't die again. Their body will recover to take a new punishment when leaving the one palace to another.

The 10th Palace of the Hell
Chuan-Roon King
Line up for rebirth Six different ways to go

The 10th Palace of the Hell is to determine death spirits next destiny. Before going for the recycle, death spirits are farced to drink the Forgetting Tea. So the spirits will forget what happened in the Hell and their previous life. They said a few of people still remember their previous life today because they didn't drink the tea completely.

Depending on the good or bad deeds, the spirits might become the saints, human, spirits, animals, hungry ghosts or staying in the Hell.

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By Master Allen Tsai on November 1, 2021

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