2009 Chinese New Year Festival at Los Angeles

Chinese New YearThe 2009 Chinese Lunar New Year Day is on January 26, 2009. But the Chinese community in Los Angeles area celebrates Chinese New Year Festival on January 17 and  January 18 at Pomona Fairplex, 1101 W McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA 91867. The event is called Asian American Expo 2009 and is held by www.ccyp.com. Expo 2009 is the 28th anniversary. This 2009 expo has 800 exhibitors, 7 stages with live performances and many food booths. More than 100,000 Asian people are expected to attend the expo.

If you miss 2009 expo, then you have wait for 2010. Here we provide you the video of the best performance arts from China.

Chinese New Year Lion DanceChinese New Year FestivalChinese New Year Performance

The greatest puppet show from China electrifies audience in the Chinese New Year festival.

Chinese Puppet Red Silk Dance

Chinese Sichuan Opera Face Changing Performance Arts apply on the Chinese Puppets.

Chinese Opera Face ChangeChinese Puppet Face ChangingChinese Puppet Handwriting Calligraphy

Chinese Puppet Handwriting - Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Opera and Chinese Puppet Face Change

Shaolin monks with California students performed Fung Ku martial arts techniques.

Shaolin monks in CaliforniaShaolin monks double bladesShaolin monks California performance

Shaolin Needle Break Through Glasses

Shaolin Staff Techniques

Shaolin Iron Head

Shaolin Flying Dart

Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist

Shaolin Flooring Fist

Shaolin Double Blades

New Year Lantern Festival

The last day of the Chinese New Year festival is the Lantern Festival, which is on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The variety of Lantern displays, sky lantern, firecracker, fireworks are celebrated in many major cities. Chinese supermarkets can find small version of traditional night paper lanterns.

Coming Chinese Lunar New Year Days

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Chinese New Year

February 10,2013
January, 31 2014
February, 19 2015
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January, 28 2017
February, 16 2018
February,  5 2019
 January, 25 2020

February 9,2013
January, 30 2014
February, 18 2015
February, 8 2016
January, 27 2017
February, 15 2018
February, 4 2019
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February  10,2013
January, 30 2014
February, 18 2015
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