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Chinese Farmer's Calendar - Introduction

A traditional Chinese Farmer's Almanac is same to the Western Farmer's Almanac, which is an annual publication including farmer's calendars with weather forecasts, astronomical information, tide tables, and other related tabular information of daily and seasonal activities for farmers. The Chinese Farmer's Almanac is one of the bestseller books each year in China.

More than 80% of Chinese families use Chinese Farmer's Calendar to find the lucky date and time for the special occasions like wedding, engagement, store grand opening, residential relocation and so on, even they are Christians or Buddhists.

Chinese Farmer's Almanac can be found in Chinese book stores. If you want to find the information of Farmer's Almanac for next year, you have to wait till in the end of the year. The Chinese Farmer's Calendar software can dynamically calculate the lucky event days from 1900 to 2200. When people plan for special events more than one year ahead, they don't have to wait for the book of yearly Chinese Farmer's Almanac.

The Chinese Farmer's Calendar software not only helps people to calculate and find the lucky days in the calendar. It also can find the best lucky day for people by checking the compatibility between the lucky days and people's astrology birth chart using their birthday information. That means the software is able to perform the job like professional Chinese fortune tellers to select an auspicious wedding day for the couples. Additionally, the software can calculate and search the lucky wedding days from any selected periods. But the professional fortune tellers only have time to calculate and select a lucky wedding day from one or two months.

The almanac information from Chinese Farmer's Calendar software might be different from the books of Chinese Farmer's Almanac. The books from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are calculated by China time zone, which is the time of East Longitude 120 degree. The software provides the calculation for 24 time zones. Each time zone has its own almanac information, because the Chinese Lunar Calendar has slight difference from each time zone. The other reason is the software may use different Almanac theories from the books, because there are hundred of Chinese Almanac theories from different schools. If there are two books that are identical, then one is a copy of another.


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