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Modified: January 12, 2024

2024 Daily Auspicious Days using Tung Shing & Tung Shu

Every year, the Chinese Farmer's Almanac, Tung Shing, and Tung Shu are published with the auspicious days for special events. This Chinese Farmer's Calendar can help us to find the daily auspicious day for the wedding, engagement, grand opening, residence relocation, traveling, business trading, home remodeling, funeral, ground-breaking, building demobilization events. It also provides the Chinese lunar calendar information and the Chinese Zodiac information for the birth chart.

When and Why and How do people look for Auspicious Days?

Many people in Asia like to find auspicious days for the wedding, engagement, grand-opening, residential relocation, ground-breaking, church ritual, temple ceremony, funeral, big surgery or even travel. They look for auspicious days that might be for a traditional cultural reason, religious reason, or psychological reason. Certain special events cannot afford a single mishap. It's always wise to play safe now than feel sorry later. People who choose an auspicious day must have a well-planned attitude for important occasions. They can always expect a happy and beautiful day at the end of that special day.

Is it a superstition to look for an auspicious day? If you need scientific proof of an auspicious date, then looking for an auspicious day is a superstition. However, this is a Yin-Yang world. People try to tell right or wrong, as well as judge good or bad. People from different countries have different cultures to determine an auspicious date or inauspicious date. For example, Chinese, Hindu, Irish, Scottish, Roman Catholic, etc. cultures have their ways to choose Auspicious wedding days. Humans in the past might find that everyone has spiritual connections with other people, nature, or planets. If we have a choice of auspicious date or inauspicious date in our subconsciouses, don't know who wouldn't choose the auspicious date.

How do we look for the Auspicious Day?

In China, most people choose an auspicious day for a special occasion is from the Chinese Farmer's Almanac. Chinese publish Chinese Farmer's Almanac, a.k.a. Tong Shu, every year. Chinese Farmer's Almanac provides daily information about the lunar-solar calendar, Stem-Branches, Five Elements, I-Ching Hexagrams, 28 Stars, 12 Cycle Days, Purple White Flying Stars, 6 Animal Days, 72 seasons, and Feng Shui related elements. Also, the Chinese Farmer's Almanac pre-calculates the auspicious and evil omen factors for different events of each day. It becomes a useful Date Selection tool for the public. Chinese professional fortune-tellers or Feng Shui practitioners use those information and Chinese astrology birth charts to find the auspicious and favorable days for their clients. That's why Chinese astrologers or Feng Shui consultants always ask about people's birthdays.

All Chinese Farmer's Almanac books published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore are calculated using time zone GMT+8, which is 120th degree east longitude time. Our Chinese Farmer's Calendar software can dynamically calculate the auspicious days using different time zones. Here we provide only China, four US time zones, and one European time zone.

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Master Tsai's Recommendations

300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar

Chinese Farmer's Calendar software helps people to find auspicious days for special events, such as a wedding, grand opening business, relocation. It covers 300 years from 1900 to 2200 with 24 time zones. Chinese Farmer's Almanac includes all cycles of the Purple White Nine Flying Stars. It's good tool for wedding couples to plan an auspicious wedding date.

The auspicious dates from Chinese Farmer's Almanac are for the general public. If you want to find a personal lucky day by considering the factor of your birthday, then we have a free tool for you to find your Favorable Day for Your Appointments.

The other auspicious factor is from your Chinese Astrology Lucky Element. If you don't know your Lucky Element, then you should find it out from your Chinese astrology birth chart. Then you will know which day is your lucky day from our Chinese Daily Horoscopes.

For the auspicious wedding day, it needs extra time to find it out because it involves two person's birthdays. We have Chinese Farmer's Calendar software to search the auspicious wedding days for you. Or you can ask Master Tsai to pick an auspicious wedding day for you.