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Personal Name List from the Database

The Name List window helps users to copy personal birth data into the Best Personal Lucy Day, Baby Gender Predictor and Checking Lucky Name application windows.

To display the Name List window, click the People icon from the astrology window. Double-click on a person name from the Name List to fill in the birth data. You can also use the icon to copy the personal birth data into the astrology window if a name is selected first.

Name List

If you want to sort the Name List by a certain field, can highlight the field's column, then click on icon to sort the names in ascending order or click the  icon to sort the names in descending order.

To close the window, click on the Close button

Chinese Farmer's Almanac Software

Chinese Farmer's Calendar Software

Chinese Farmer's Calendar software (Chinese Farmer's Almanac or Tung Shu) helps people to find auspicious days for special events, such as a wedding, grand opening business, and relocation. It covers 300 years from 1900 to 2200 with 24 time zones. Chinese Farmer's Almanac includes all cycles of the Purple White Nine Flying Stars. Flying Stars helps us to look for the house of wealth, the house of wisdom, and the house of love. The database can share with the Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software.


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