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Database for Personal Data

Personal Names and Birth Data

To bring up the Personal Data screen, select the Database option on the menu bar, then click the Personal Data item from the drop down or simply click the Personal Data icon on the tool bar.

The Personal Data window allows users to record people's names and birth data so the birth data can be used repeatedly in all astrology windows.

When entering the data, the first name, last name, gender and birth data are required fields. The phone number, email and note fields are optional.

To add a record, click the Add icon to clear all the fields before entering data.
To save the data into database click on the Save icon.
To delete a record click the Delete icon.
To Print the current screen record, click the Printer icon.
The icon is an Undo function.

There are four navigational icons. The icon will display the first record. The icon will display the previous record. The icon will display the next record. The icon will display the last record in the database.

The Calendar icon on the Personal Data Window enables you to popup a Birthday Calendar to help you to fill in the person's birthday.

From the Birthday Calendar, select birth year, month and day and click the OK icon.  The birth information will be sent to the Personal Data window.

The Yin Yang Icon is to display the simple Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

To click on the Yin Yang Icon in the grid is show the Five Element weights in the Birth Chart.

alt="5E weights" style="max-width:100%">

The Grid icon on the Personal Data Window lists the Personal Data from the database in a grid view. Double-click on the name in the listing to use that record in the Personal Data window.

You can sort the Name List data by any field in ascending or descending order by highlighting the desired column and clicking on the sort icon to sort in ascending order or by clicking the  sort icon to sort in descending order.

alt="name list" style="max-width:100%">

Click the Form icon to return to the Personal Data window.
To close the window click on the Close icon.

Chinese Farmer's Almanac Software

Chinese Farmer's Calendar Software

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