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Feng Shui Flying Stars and Lo Shu Magic Square

What is Feng Shui Purple-White Flying Stars?

Chinese Feng Shui Flying Stars are White-1, Black-2, Emerald-3, Green-4, Yellow-5, White-6, Red-7, White-8, and Purple-9 stars. Nine Flying Stars are the counting symbols of the Flying Star Calendar. The nine numbers of the Flying Stars be presented in the Lo Shu magic square, a.k.a. the Nine-Palace Diagram.

Lo Shu Magic Square

The numbers in the Magic Square have the color names. One, Six, and Eight are white. The number of the two is black. Three and Four are green. Five is yellow. Seven is red. Nine is purple. 1,6, and 8 are the most auspicious numbers. The next auspicious number is 9. The unlucky numbers are 2 and 5. That means Purple and white are lucky colors. Chinese Feng Shui named it Purple White Flying Stars.

Chinese Flying Star calendar is a tool of geomancy to find the location of the vigorous energy for wealth, health, love, benefactor, etc. Furthermore, the Purple-White Flying Star Calendar can look for an auspicious day and time for a special event.

The complete cycle of the Flying Stars is 180 years. It contains three big periods (Yuan) and each big period contains three small periods (Yun). Each small period contains 20 years. It also has Yearly, Monthly, Daily, and Hourly cycles. Depending on seasons, the sequence of the flying star could go ascending or descending orders.

Magic Square, Bagua, Flying Star Feng Shui

After combining the Magic Square and the Later Heaven Bagua (a.k.a. Post Heaven Bagua), the Magic Square becomes the Nine Palace Eight Gua diagram (a.k.a. Nine-Kong Grid.), which is applied to the areas of Chinese Feng Shui, medicine, architecture, and fortunetelling.

Since the Lo Shu magic square is filled in with the Gua symbols (Trigrams), it becomes the eight-sided Bagua symbol . People identify the different Flying Star Square by the center number. The center number is called the Gua Number in Feng Shui.

Post-Heaven Bagua  
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

Bagua is from Chinese I-Ching, which studies the relationship between the environment around humans. Bagua is connected to Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Mountain, and Lake. The four directions are connected to the Five Elements. We put the connections together in the following table.

Square No.Kua symbolChineseI-ChingFive ElementType
1 White KanWaterWaterEastern
2 Black KunEarthEarthWestern
3 Green ChenThunderWoodEastern
4 Green SunWindWoodEastern
6 White ChienHeavenMetalWestern
7 Red TuiLakeMetalWestern
8 White KenMountainEarthWestern
9 Purple LiFireFireEastern

Eastern Type and Western Type Houses and People

Chinese Feng Shui groups Gua Numbers into two types: the Eastern Type and Western Type. Gua numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9 are in the Eastern group. Gua numbers 2, 6, 7, and 8 in the Western group. People are divided into Eastern and Western groups by birth year. Houses are distinguished into Eastern and Western groups by the built years or the orientations of the structures.

Eastern people and houses have four types. So we have Eastern-Four people or Western-Four houses. According to Chinese Feng Shui, Eastern-Four people should live in the Eastern-Four houses and Western-Four people should live in the Western-Four houses. In this way, people can receive good energy from the environment, which brings people good luck.

Flying Star Feng Shui studies the relationship between Heaven and Humans as well as the relationship between Earth and Humans. Heaven is the sky, sun, and calendar. The Earth is the environment and the house. Following the theory of Purple White Flying Stars, we can know which are the rich houses, romantic houses, intelligent houses, debt houses, sick houses, or misfortune houses for a particular person.

We provide free Chinese Flying Star calendar to help people to boost their good energy, bring their good health, improve their social connection, and have a good love relationship.

Flying Star and Lucky Element

By Master Allen Tsai on June 13, 2024

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