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Intelligent Room, Wisdom House [2004-2023]

Finding Houses of Intelligence and Wisdom

Feng Shui Intelligent Houses can help students to improve their academic performance or help people to reach their achievement from their study or research. Here we want to apply the Feng Shui Flying Star theory on searching for Intelligent Houses during Period 8, which begins from 2004 to 2023.

If you have children and are looking for a house, then you should consider the Intelligent Houses for your kids. Since the Intelligent luck of the house will last till 2023. This is a hidden value to the real estate property. However, Intelligent Houses are suitable for only some of the people. If Period 8 Intelligent House is not available to you now, then you have to wait and try for your chance in Period 9 beginning in 2024.

Purple White Flying Stars is one of the advanced Chinese Feng Shui applications used by Feng Shui professionals. Some calculation rules for the Purple White Flying Stars are pretty complicated because it involves the solar time astronomical calculations used in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. But you can skip the complicated theory to directly read the result at the end of this page.

If you want to know the basics about Flying Stars, please read the Background of Purple White Flying Stars and the Theory of Purple White Flying Stars pages. That will help you to understand the background and terminology.

Nine Palace Eight Kua Diagram of Period 8

East South
68 1

The Big Period of Flying Star is 180 years. Period 8 is the 8th 20-year in the 180-year cycle. Period 8, from 2004 to 2023, is the Flying Star 8 White cycle. The center Kua Number is 8, which is in the Western group (2,6,7,8). Therefore the Western Type people and house have better Feng Shui luck during Period 8 than Eastern Type (1,2,4,9).

Intelligent House

Each House has its Nine Palace Eight Kua Diagram, too. To find the Kua Number of the house is from the House/Room Flying Stars page.

Kua Number 1 and Number 4 are connected to people's wisdom. When Kua Number 1 and 4 are overlapping between diagrams of the Flying Star calendar and the House, the location of the house is called Intelligent Room and the house is called Intelligent House. The following is the only Intelligent House type found in Period 8.

A House that faces the Northeast direction is the Intelligent House in Period 8.

The Kua Number 4 is on the west side. Therefore, the room on the west side of the house is the Intelligent Room. This room should be used as a study room. The color of Kua Number 4 is Green. To enhance the power of Intelligent is to decorate the room with the green color or something to do with 4.

The Kua Number 2 is in the center of the diagram. Since the Kua Number of Northeast orientation house is 2, therefore, it is a Western Type House. That means only Western Type people can take full advantage of this Intelligent Room.

How to know you or your child is a Western Type or Eastern Type people? The answer is on the Find Your Flying Stars page.

If you are lucky and live in the Period 8 Intelligent House, but the Intelligent location is not a bedroom, then you should convert it into a study room ASAP to increase the value of the room. Otherwise, the value will decrease after 2024.

If you don't have or cannot find a Period 8 Intelligent House, then you still can look for a Yearly Intelligent House. But Intelligent Luck lasts only one year. Since the Flying Star positions are changing with the passage of time, you should check your house's Feng Shui Luck at least once a year from the Yearly Feng Shui page.

Flying Stars and Lucky Element

By Master Allen Tsai on December 2, 2021

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