Get on new job Chinese Astrology: Find a New Job, New Career, Relocation?

Tell you where and when

To find a job quick, you must know your Five Elements (metal, water, wood, fire and soil) and what's your lucky element from Chinese Fortune Calendar first. Then you need to make sure that this year is your lucky year and the month is in your lucky season. If this year is not your lucky year, you need to wait for your lucky season (months).

All the hints come from the following Five-Element Chart.

5 elements Metal Water Wood Fire Soil
Lunar Month of Monkey Rat Tiger Horse Dragon, Dog
Lunar Month of Hen Hog Rabbit Snake Cow, Sheep
Color White (Golden) Black Green Red Brown
Seasons Fall Winter Spring Summer Between Seasons
Directions West North (cold) East South (hot) Center

If you got two jobs offered, one is in the north and the other one is in the south. If your lucky element is Water, then you should go to the one in the north. Everything will go smoothly in the north.

Degree If you just graduated from school. What kind of job shall you looking for?

More information about the lucky elements are in the Lucky Elements and Your Daily Life page.

The last and most important thing is "Do I have job opportunity this year?".

There are many ways to find out the hint. Here shows you one way. First, you need to study your five-element weights again from Chinese Fortune Calendar.

Five-element weights

If you want your computer do the calculation for you, then the Chinese Fortune Angel can show your career opportunity from the Opportunity Chart. (detail)

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