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Chinese Astrology for Royal Baby Prince George Alexander Louis

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born on July 22, 2013. at 16:24 p.m. in London. He is the third in line to the British throne. The analysis of the Prince George's Chinese Horoscope Natal Chart is at the Birth Chart of Prince of Cambridge page, which includes his Lucky Element, Personality, Family, Love, People relationship, Money and Career. This Chinese Horoscope article will analyze on Prince George's 10-Year Major Cycles. This reading will help us to understand his Life Rise and Fall Chart, based on Chinese Yin Yang Five Element Balance theory.

The following is the Prince George's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. You can find your own chart at Find The Secret of Your Life page. You also can get your own free simple and concise Chinese astrology reading at www.mastertsai.com.

Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

Prince George Birth Chart
Prince George's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

Chinese Astrology is a theory of Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. All symbols and animal signs can converted into Five Elements. So we can know the Five Element scores in the birth chart. The foundation of Chinese Astrology is from Yin Yang balance theory. Usually, the element with lower score will bring people luck. For example, the score of Wood in the Prince George's birth chart is low. Wood is the Lucky Element to him.

Prince George Five Elements Chart
The Five Element Scores

In order to predict what events will happen in the future or who will involve inside the events, we need to use 10-God information showing on the birth chart. The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software.

birth chart 1
Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols
birth chart 2
Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Birth Chart Lucky Element

Prince George was born on the Female Earth Cow Female Soil day in the Water Snake Year. The upper row of the Day Column is called Day Master and represents the person. Therefore, Female Soil Female Earth represents the Prince.

There are five Earth elements in the birth chart supporting Day Master. George birth month is July, late summer. The temperature is still hot. Fire (heat) is the Mother element of Earth. Fire makes Day Master Earth even stronger. Therefore, George's Day Master Earth is strong.

If Day Master Earth is strong, then we can choose lowest-score Wood as the Lucky Element. If Wood is not available, then another option is to choose Metal as the Lucky Element. Certainly, Earth and Fire are the unlucky elements. The detail explanation of Lucky Element is at Birth Chart of Prince of Cambridge page.

Life Rise and Fall Chart

The Life Rise and Fall Chart is a Five Element Balance Chart based on the Five Elements in the 10-Year Major Cycles. If Five Elements are in good balance shape, then the red bar will be taller, which indicates the person is in good luck.

Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Chart
Prince George's Life Rise and Fall Chart

The following is the Prince George's 10-Year Major Cycles chart created from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software. This chart will help us to know why the red bar of the first 10-Year Cycle is so low.

10-Year Major Cycles

Chinese Astrology Major Cycles Chart>
Prince George's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

The basic information to predict the fortune is the Five Stars theory. The Prince George's 10-God Relationship is at Birth Chart of Prince of Cambridge.

Water represents Money to George. Wood represents his Career. Metal stands for his Fame. Fire represents his parents or supporters. Earth represents his friends or competitors.

Prince George's Day Master Earth is strong. Then Water can bring him wealth. Wood gives him power. Metal brings him reputation. But Fire will bring him bad reputation or bad health and Earth is a sign of money loss.

Age/Year Major Cycle Astrology Sign


Male Soil
Male Soil
Male Earth Horse
Horse is Fire. Earth and Fire are unlucky elements. Strong Day Master Earth doesn't need more Earth and doesn't need more Fire to support it.

Male Earth and Female Water of Year Column have attraction relationship into the Fire. That implies the lucky Female Water will turn into Fire. When Horse meets Snake of Year and Sheep of Month, they form another very strong attraction relationship into Fire. This takes away Lucky Element Female Wood inside the Sheep. This relationship also takes away another Useful Element Male Metal in the Snake. There is no Lucky Element in the Month and Year Columns any more. That's why the red bar of this Major Cycle is so slow.

Fire is related to parents, supports, education, protection, medicine to George. Too many Fire in this cycle means George will be over-protected. Too many Fire makes Day Master Earth dry. George's personality will become irritable. George will be taking lots of education, but he cannot digest.

Wood is related to discipline, restriction and rules of behavior and attitudes. There is no Wood element in this cycle. The outside world (Major Cycle) gives the prince too much love. Prince George might be spoiled, if parents give him too much freedom. Female Water is connected to father. Too much Earth and Fire will bring a big pressure on the father.

Since Five Elements are extremely out of balance, parents needs to pay attention on George's health. Wood is connected to the Nervous system. Earth is connected to the Digestive system. Green food or sour food are related to Wood. He had better to eat more salad and vegetables rather than sweet food.

Female Fire
Female Fire
Female Fire Snake
Snake is in the Fire group. Fire don't bring good luck to the prince, because Fire is related to over-protection. However, Female Water and Male Water of Hour Column have attraction relationship into the Wood. That means the education will give George an excellent discipline in the school. Snake and the Monkey of Hour Column have attraction relationship into Water. Water represents money, woman, luxury life or relaxing life to Prince George. Water takes George away from books (Education is Fire). He will be busy on his love relationship.

In this cycle, Prince George has the same trouble as the first Major Cycle in the beginning. But he will find a better way to quest his future. His people relationship will be pretty good in this cycle. He should have a good inspiration and training in the school. Wood is connected to the power. He will have good leadership training during this period.

Male Fire
Male Fire
Male Fire Dragon
Male Fire is the Sun. George keeps receiving the supports from people. Dragon is Earth. Earth brings more social activities with his friends, relatives and coworkers. But Dragon also contains Water and Wood. Therefore, some career, money, love relationship is secretly developing.

2041 is Female Metal Chicken Year. Female Metal and Male Fire of Major Cycle have attraction relationship into Water, which is connected to a woman. Chicken and Dragon of  Major Cycle also have attraction relationship into Metal. That's a very good sign for love relationship. Chicken is in the Metal group. Chicken, Snake of Year column and Cow of Day column together have strong Metal attraction relationship. Cow of Day Column is related to the Palace of Spouse. Therefore, 2014 might be the year of the marriage.

Female Wood
Female Wood
Female Wood Rabbit
Rabbit is Wood. This is a very strong Wood cycle. Wood is related to career and power. Prince George will hold a high-ranking and powerful position in his organization. He has full control on his partners, coworkers, friends or relatives, who don't arbitrarily spend money during this cycle.

Rabbit and Sheep of Month Column have attraction relationship into more powerful Wood. In Chinese astrology, Sheep is a storage room of Wood. Sheep provides lots of supplies for the Rabbit. That means his family is fully support his career. He will completely love and focus on his job. And he will be very proud of himself about his achievement.

Male Wood
Male Wood
Male Wood Tiger
Tiger is Wood. It looks that another 10-year Wood cycle. Prince George is supposed to continue to develop on his career as previous 10 years.

However, Male Wood and Female Earth of Month Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Wood is career. That means  jobs automatically come toward George. He will enjoy to handle that and spend less than with his family members.  Unfortunately, the business opportunity might be ruined by George's partner, friend or relative. This is because the result of attraction relationship is Earth, which is a sign of money loss. The customers come in easily, but they went away later. Since Male Wood and Day Master Female Earth have the same attraction relationship, it is possible that the problem is the George's leadership.

When Tiger meets the Snake of Year column and Monkey of Hour column, they form a Mutual Hurting Relationship, which is a very poor sign of people relationship. Something should impact the image of the organization during this period. The working environment is totally different from the last 10-Year Major Cycle. The family or relative relationships will be bruised too.

Female Water
Female Water
Female Water Cow
Cow contains Earth, Metal and Water. There is no Wood in the cycle. Prince George doesn't interested in the pursuit of the power. But the money luck is pretty good.

Female Water is the Windfall Star to George. Cow contains Female Earth, Female Metal and Female Water. Female Earth represents his friends or relatives. Female Metal stands for his thought, idea or talent. This gives us the hint that he and his partners have good idea to easily increase the wealth.

In Chinese astrology, women are equivalent to money for a man. That's why many rich men are surrounding with women. Therefore, Prince George's female relationship should be great in this Major Cycle.

Male Water
Female Water
Male Water Rat
Rat is Female Water. This is a very strong Water year. Water is related to money. Male Water is Property Star. Female Water is Windfall Star. Money arrives in the front of the door and falls from the sky. It sounds good. However, it has a chance to mess up, if money is not handled properly.

Rat and Cow of Day column have have attraction relationship into Earth. This implies some Water will become dirty. Rat and Monkey have some attraction relationship into Water. Monkey mainly contains Male Metal, which is connected to strong wind. Water with strong wind will challenge the Day Master Female Earth, which is wet soil. If Male Metal year appears in the astrological yearly cycle, then Female Earth will become mud. Then the mudflows or landslides will happen.

George had better to hire people who have Male Earth in the birth chart to help his financial management. so he can build more his wealth in the period.


Female Metal
Female Metal
Female Metal Pig
Pig is Water. Money activities continue to arrive Prince George's life. Female Metal is related to George's reputation and  popularity. George will enjoy his life during these 10 years.

Pig is not friendly animal to Snake in the Year column. That implies little problem in the people relationship. Pig and Monkey of Hour column together implies George needs to work on the relationship with his children. Metal (stone), Water and Earth still might mess up together. George needs to spend extra energy to take care his wealth.

The overall fortune of Prince George is pretty good, except the first Major Cycle from 2018 to 2027. The Wood element is weak in this birth chart. The pursuit of the power is not his interest. But he has the opportunity to experience the leadership. He will involve more in financial area. When he was born, the money already put on his right-handed and left-handed sides (Year and Hour columns). If he wasn't born in the royal family, then he will be a successful business man.

When will he accede to the throne as the king of the United Kingdom? It's difficult to tell the exact year by studying only the Major Cycles. But we know it will be a long wait for Prince George. 65-year-old Grandpa Charles is still a "Prince". If lucky, Charles, Prince of Wales, can inherit the throne for 20 years. George's Father, Prince William, should be able to succeed the throne at least four decades. Prince George should inherit the throne around age 60 or late, which is the Water Major Cycle. If you are over 40 now, then you probably cannot witness George's coronation as the king of the United Kingdom.

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