How to Remove Computer Virus

If you surf Internet often, then it's 90 percents of the chance that your computer has virus, Trojan Horse, Spyware or adware. Many people install the Internet Toolbars from Google or Yahoo to block the advertisement popup. But the toolbar never remove the popup virus. If your computer is clean, then you don't need to install those toolbars.

The following are the basic skills to remove the virus by yourself. When your Internet browser acts strange, too many advertisements keep popping up, Internet Browser's home page is hijacked or even the computer cannot boot, you need to know how to recover your computer.

The final recommendation for you is to save all our how-to-remove-virus pages into your local drive, if case your computer cannot connect to the Internet to reach our pages or your computer cannot boot at all.

Safe Mode

If you Windows cannot bring up, then you can try to bring up Windows from the Safe Mode.

MSConfig Many simple virus programs are loaded when your computer startup. So you can remove them by entering the Windows command MSConfig.exe.
Control Panel Once for a while, you need to check any unwanted program in your system or not. You can remove them from the Control Panel.
Spyware Some spywares are in your Window system or Registry. You cannot see them from the MSConfig. You need the Spyware Tool to remove them.
RegEdit To edit system registry is for the computer experts. But you can have simple check any strange programs are loaded when Windows begin to run or Internet Browser starts
FixTools Some unfriendly virus, such as CoolWebSearch, must be killed by the antivirus software and special tools.

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