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The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life

Each Chinese astrology birth chart has its own the 10-Year Major Astrological Cycles. Each cycle is assigned by a color animal sign. Animal signs can be converted into Five Elements. The Five Elements of the Major Cycle will mix with the Five Elements of your Birth Chart. The total scores of each element will be changed. That means the Balance Status of Five Element will be different. If the new scores of Five Elements are almost equally distributed, then you will have better luck. Therefore, the Rise and Fall Chart actually is the Five Element Balance Chart.

Because each Major Cycle lasts for 10 years long, therefore, the Major Cycles are the most important factor to predict people fortune. The animal sign of Major Astrological Cycle will be changed every 10 years. People's fortune will turn around every 10 years.

Age 0 8-17 18-27 28-37 38-47 48-57 58-67 68-77 78-87 88-97

The Blue Bar stands for the beginning Luck Level when you were born. Each Red Bar stands for the Luck Level for 10 years. When you are in luck, the Red Bar is longer than the Blue Bar. Your good marriage should be in the longest Red Bar or a longer Red Bar period during the marriage age. Your career should begin in a longer Red Bar too. Usually, you can find two consecutive longer Red Bars together, which are your best 20 years.

The following animal signs are the astrological Stem-Branches of your 10-Year Major Cycles.

AgeYearAnimal SignAnimal Name
1982 SoilSnakeBrown SoilSnakeBrown Earth Snake
18 1992 MetalHorseWhite MetalHorseWhite Metal Horse
28 2002 MetalSheepWhite MetalSheepWhite Metal Sheep
38 2012 WaterMonkeyBlack WaterMonkeyBlack Water Monkey
48 2022 WaterChickenBlack WaterChickenBlack Water Chicken
58 2032 WoodDogGreen WoodDogGreen Wood Dog
68 2042 WoodPigGreen WoodPigGreen Wood Pig
78 2052 FireRatRed FireRatRed Fire Rat
88 2062 FireCowRed FireCowRed Fire Cow
10-Year Major Cycles

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