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Five Elements Scores for the Next 15 Days

Next 15 Day's Five Elements of Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology Calendar uses a cycle of 60 Stem-Branch Calendar, which is the combination of 10 Yin-Yang five elements and 12 zodiac animal signs. Each zodiac animal contains a different ingredient Five Elements. We can calculate the scores of five elements for the individual Stem-Branch. The following are the scores of five elements for the coming 15 days. You can inquiry about the Monthly Five Elements and Yearly Five Elements from the Five Element Main Menu page.

Date Stem-Branch Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
9/25/2023Dog Red Fire Dog9003318
9/26/2023Pig Red Fire Pig02010300
9/27/2023Rat Brown Earth Rat0300030
9/28/2023Cow Brown Earth Cow390048
9/29/2023Tiger White Metal Tiger3001677
9/30/2023Rabbit White Metal Rabbit3003000
10/1/2023Dragon Black Water Dragon0339018
10/2/2023Snake Black Water Snake7300167
10/3/2023Horse Green Wood Horse00302010
10/4/2023Sheep Green Wood Sheep0033918
10/5/2023Monkey Red Fire Monkey1670307
10/6/2023Chicken Red Fire Chicken3000300
10/7/2023Dog Brown Earth Dog900348
10/8/2023Pig Brown Earth Pig02010030
10/9/2023Rat White Metal Rat3030000

The theory of Chinese Five Elements is the foundation of Chinese Horoscopes. The main menu of the Chinese Five Elements is a rich resources page to learn Chinese Astrology. You can make inquiries about the scores, charts, relationships, and weights of Five Elements.


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