George Bush vs. Saddam Hussein

Before comparing the birth charts of George Bush and Saddam Hussein, we need to understand their overall luck from their Five-Element Balance (Rise and Fall) Charts provided by Chinese Fortune Angel software.

The following is the birth chart of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein was born on Wooden Chicken day of Wooden Dragon month in the Fire Cow Year. The Day Stem of the birth chart is Female Wood. Therefore Female Wood represents Saddam. Female Wood is like a tender plant or vine. Saddam is very lucky. He has a Male Wood in the Month next to the Female Wood. Male Wood is like a tall tree. So the Female Wood can climb on the tall tree to reach on the top.

Female Wood is afraid of Metal, because Metal can break the Wood easily. Two Chickens are in the birth chart. Chicken is in the Metal Group. Cow is a wet Earth and contains a Metal element. Dragon is also a wet Earth, which can make Metal stronger. So Metal is the enemy to Saddam. The Branches (bottom) of the birth chart are Metal and Metal's friends (Earth). The birth chat looks like a Female Wood living on the top of Metal. If the Metal appears on Stem (top) of 10-year major cycle or yearly cycle, then Female Wood will become very weak, which means Female Wood will be in a danger. But, Saddam is very lucky again. There is a Female Fire on the Stem of Year protecting the Metal from hurting the Wood, because Metal is afraid of Fire.

Female Wood needs Water or more Wood to make it stronger. Therefore Water and Wood are the lucky elements to Saddam Hussein.

Usually, a person has only 20-year lucky cycles. Saddam Hussein has better luck than most of people. From age 7 to 26, he was in the Wood cycle. Form 37 to 56, he was in the Water cycle. From age 57(1994) to 66 (2003), he had very bad luck during this dry Earth cycle shown in Saddam's Life Balance Chart. Dry Earth can make lucky element Water disappear.

The way to put Female Wood in big trouble is to extinguish Female Fire first, then use the Female Metal shears the Female Wood into pieces. Male Water sometimes has trouble to put off Female Fire completely because of the mercy. Female Water can extinguish Female Fire easily. Male Metal might have the kindness to Female Wood. But Female Metal will cuts the Female Wood without mercy. These are from the theory of Five Elements Relationship.

Note: Water is the lucky element to Saddam. But the Water must appear from the Branch or a Male Water. Female Water on the Stem is not his lucky element.

Year 2003 is the year of Black Water Sheep, which is the year of Female Water . The Female Water is kind of strong yearlong expect the summer time in 2003. Therefore, the Female, the protection shield, in the Saddam's is removed. If the Female Metal comes into Saddam's life, then he is in big trouble.

The following is the birth chart of President of George W. Bush.

George Bush was born on Metal Snake day of Wooden Horse month in the Fire Dog Year. His birth chart has too much Fire. Therefore Water and Metal are the lucky elements to Bush. He was born during the daylight saving time. Therefore his birth hour is Metal Rabbit.

George Bush has two Female Metal in Day and Hour of birth chart. Saddam Hussein has two Female Wood in the same location of the birth chart. Therefore, George Bush is the Saddam Hussein's blaster in the years of Water.

April 6,7 and 8 are the Metal days, which are very unfavorable to Saddam Hussein. The second half of April 2003 is the critical time for Saddam Hussein, especially on April 17 and 18. which are Metal Monkey and Metal Chicken days.

August and September are Metal Monkey and Metal Chicken months, which are very strong Metal months in 2003. If he can survive, his luck is damn good. 

On the December 13, 2004 8:30 PM, Baghdad time, Saddam was captured. Remember that Metal is the lucky element to Bush. The Five Elements of 12/13/2003 and 12/14/2004 shows strong Metal in the chart. December 13 and 14 are Metal Monkey and Metal Chicken Days again. Metal is the unlucky element to Saddam Hussein. He escaped his bad luck in April, August, and September. Unfortunately, he ran out of his luck on the last Metal Monkey and Metal Chicken days in 2003. Otherwise, his luck won't be so bad again after 2003.

The Years to come....

The next major 10-year cycle of Saddam Hussein is Fire Chicken, beginning from year 2004. Since Chicken is Metal and Fire is on the top of Metal, the pressure of Metal to Saddam will decrease a little bit. But Fire can release the energy of Wood. That means Wood makes him weak.

Year 2004 is a Wooden Monkey year. Monkey is a Metal element. Wood is his lucky element. Wood is afraid of Metal. That means he looks fine, but actually not, because of Metal.

The following is the chart from Chinese Fortune Angel. The Match Score of George Bush and Saddam Hussein is -4. That means they never get along together.

The Death of Saddam Hussein

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