The Death of Saddam Hussein

Chinese Astrology Analysis for the Death of Saddam Hussein

The Death of Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death on November 5, 2006 and was hanged to death in the morning on December 30 2006. The followings are the key moments in his life.

  • Saddam Hussein was born to a peasant family on April 28. 1937
  • Joined Arab socialist Baath Party in 1957
  • Took full power over Iraq as the president in 1979
  • Ordered invasion of Iran in 1980. It was estimated that the Iraq and Iran war killed 1 million people.
  • Ordered invasion of Kuwait on 8/2/1990 and U.S. attacked Iraq on 1/16/1991.
  • U.S. began bombing Baghdad on 3/20/2003 and U.S. took over Baghdad on 4/9/2003
  • Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. forces on 12/13/2003
  • Began trial in October 2005
  • Was sentenced to death on 11/5/2006
  • Was hanged to death on 12/30/2006

The overall luck of Saddam Hussein can be found in Saddam Hussein's Five-Element Life Balance Chart (Rise and Fall) Charts provided by Chinese Fortune Angel software in 2003.

It has been said that Saddam Hussein was born around 18:00 P.M. The following is the birth chart of Saddam Hussein and the Five Element scores.

In birth chart of Chinese astrology, the upper row symbol of Day column represents the person. Therefore Female Wood represents Saddam. He has another Female Wood in Hour column and one Male Wood in Month column. This means Saddam always has friends around him.

He was born on the Wooden Chicken day of the Wooden Dragon month in the Fire Cow Year. It was in the spring and Wood was supposed to be strong. However, Chicken is in the Metal Group. Chicken and Dragon have Attraction Relationship into Metal. Cow contains Earth and Metal. Both Female Wood in the Day and Hour columns are on the top of Chicken Metal. Metal is like an Ax, which can chop the Wood easily. The birth chart has too many Metal under Wood, and so Wood becomes weak. Therefore, Saddam needed more Wood to support him to become stronger, otherwise he always has pressure from Metal.

The Lucky Elements are Water and Wood

Water can help Wood (tree) grow. In Five Element theory, Water is the child element of Metal, so Metal wouldn't hurt the Water. In other words, Water releases the energy of Metal and gives Wood some relief. Therefore we can say Water and Wood are the Lucky Elements to Saddam Hussein.

Fire can burn out the Wood. Earth can protect the Metal. Therefore Fire, Earth and Metal can weaken the Wood and they are unlucky elements to Saddam Hussein.

The following is the chart of 10-year major cycles of Saddam Hussein.

  • Rabbit and Tiger are in Wood cycles.
  • Cow is between Wood and Water cycle.
  • Rat and Pig are in Water cycles.
  • Dog is between Water and Metal cycle.
  • Chicken and Monkey are in Metal cycle

Therefore, the luck of Saddam Hussein started to decline from 1994 during Dog cycle. The luck is getting worse from 2004, the beginning of Chicken Metal cycle. The following is the yearly cycles of recent years.

Saddam Hussein was captured on the December 13, 2004, which was a Monkey Metal day in Monkey Metal Year.

On November 5, 2006, he was sentenced to death.

On the left is the Stem-Branch astrology calendar on 11/05/06.

Year is Fire Dog, Month is Earth Dog, Day is Earth Dog. Dog is in Earth group. Fire and Earth are unlucky elements. No lucky element Water or Wood on this day.

Three Dogs and Dragon of Month column have Fighting (Enmity) Relationship. It shouldn't be a peaceful day.

Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30 2006.

On the left is the Stem-Branch astrology calendar on 12/30/06.

Year is Fire Dog, Month is Metal Rat, Day is Water Snake. Dog is in Earth group. Rat is in Water group. Snake is in Fire group. One lucky element Female Water appears on the Day Stem.


Rat represents Water. Water is his Lucky Element. Why was his luck so bad on 12/30/2006?

There is a Cow in the Year column of the birth chart. Rat and Cow have Attraction Relationship into Earth. We can treat Rat (Water) turning into Earth. Also there is a Chicken in both the Day and Hour columns of the birth chart. Snake , Cow and Chicken   have Mutual Attraction Relationship turns into powerful Metal. We can treat Snake turning into Metal.

Next, there are two Female Wood in the Day and Hour columns of the birth chart. Male Metal and Female Wood .  have Attraction Relationship into Metal. We can treat that both of Female Wood run away and marry to Metal. If Female Wood goes away with Male Metal first, then the Female Water in the stem of 12/30/2006 cannot do too much about them.

Plus, Dragon and Chicken in the birth chart have Attraction Relationship into Metal. Therefore all branches of the birth chart turn into Metal and root out Female Wood, which represents Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein didn't know about his coming bad luck and miscalculated for his interest. If he lied low and prevented the war in 2003, then he might lose his power, but survive.

Water is his Lucky Element. If Water comes from the Stem of the astrology cycle, then he will get more support during that cycle - because there is no Metal in the Stem of the birth chart. If Water comes from the Branch of astrology cycle, then Water will help him to remove the pressure from Metal. Strong Metal is in the lower row of his birth chart. The pressure was from inside or underground forces. Year 2007 is year of Fire Pig.  Branch Pig contains Water and Wood. The first day of the Fire Pig is around February 4th, 2007. Saddam Hussein failed to extend his life two months more, otherwise, he might have a better ending story.

Note: Chinese Astrology is unable to predict the actual date of death. For example, it's possible that today's doctor brings a very unlucky and dying patient to live a few more years. In short, Astrology today can calculate only how good or bad the luck is, then base on the good luck or bad luck to predict the result of health, lawsuit, love, investment, career, competition etc.

George Bush vs. Saddam Hussein

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