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2008 Chinese Horoscope of Barack Obama

Barack Obama Personal Data

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th United States President

Education: Graduated: Columbia University (1983) and Law Degree from Harvard (1991)
Career: U.S. Senator (2005), 44th US President (2009) and Nobel Peace Prize (2009)
Birth Date: August 4, 1961
Birth Time: Birth Certificate shows 7:24 pm
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

Note: Obama's birth time is unknown before the brth certificate. One astrologer said 7:11pm in Denver's United Astrology Conference on 5-17-2008 ~ Los Angeles Times

The Road to the 44th US President

We did Obama's Chinese Astrology prediction is 2008. We don't have his birth time at that time. The following are Obama's Chinese Astrology Birth Charts with the birth time.

Obama's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart without Birth Hour

The Five Element Scores without birth hour
Water and Wood can help to balance the Five Elements; they are lucky elements.

The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:
The most right column is Year Column, which contains information about early ages.
The 2nd right column is Month Column, which contains information of growing up ages and family.
The 3rd column is the Day Column, which contains information of middle ages and marriage.

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols without Hour Column

Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Barack Obama was born on the Earth Snake Female Metal day in the Wooden Sheep month of the Metal Cow Year. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the Brown Earth Female MetalFemale Earthrepresents Obama himself. Snake is in Fire group, and also contains Earth. Sheep and Cow are in Earth group. Fire is the Supporting element of Earth. Fire and Earth together are stronger than all other elements. That means Earth is very strong in the birth chart. We can say that Obama has a strong personality and good health.

From the Five Element scores, we can see that the scores of Earth are too high, so Earth is an unlucky element. Fire is the mother element of Earth, it can help Earth more powerful. Hence, Fire is another unlucky element. Metal can release the energy of Earth. Water can extinguish Fire. Wood (tree) can break through the Earth (ground). Therefore, Water, Wood and Metal are Obama's lucky elements.

Chinese astrology is talking about Five Elements. Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal. Rabbit and Tiger are Wood. Rat and Pig are Water. Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,
Cow contains Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yin Water.
Sheep contains Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Wood.
Snake contains Male Fire, Male Earth, Male Metal. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships.

Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline 
Female WoodFemale Wood  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline 
Male FireMale Fire  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Female FireFemale Fire  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Male SoilMale Soil  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners 
Female SoilFemale Soil  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy 
Male MetalMale Metal  Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Female MetalFemale Metal  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output
Male WaterMale Water  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth
Female WaterFemale Water  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth

Money for Food Food Star on the top of Friend or Sibling Friend Star in the Year Column implies Obama had parent's protection during the early age and possibly become a step son. Discipline Evil Star on the top of Friend or Sibling Friend Star in the Month Column implies he has to take care the trouble from siblings, friends and relatives. Female MetalFemale Metal of Year  Column and Female Wood Female Wood of Month Column have fight relationship. Plus, Cow in Year Column and Sheep in Month Column have fight relationship. This means Obama didn't have a peaceful childhood. Also, he needs to defense and fight for his integrity during his life.

  Cow, Sheep, Snake, Female Metal Metal, Female Wood Wood and Female Soil Earth are female. That means the inside of Obama is closed to Yin (dark) side more. He always keeps his own secret. People cannot know any plan in his mind completely.

Female Metal Metal can make Obama famous. It will happen during Monkey and Female Soil Chicken cycles. Female Wood can bring him career power. That will happen during Rabbit and Tiger cycles.

In short, Wood represents his career to Obama. Metal represents his reputation. Water represents his money, father, and women. Earth represents his friends or siblings. Fire represents his supporters. Since Fire and Earth are unlucky elements, so Fire also represents bad reputation and Earth also represents spending money.

Obama's 10-Year Major Cycles

Obama's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Age/Year Major Cycle Stem and Branches Astrology Sign


Male Wood
Male Wood
Male Wood Horse
Horse is Fire
Wood brings the pressure on Earth (Obama). Wood gave Obama discipline during growing period. Snake and Sheep in the birth chart with Horse have strong attraction relationship into Fire. Strong Fire makes Earth even stronger. He had strong personality and determination at school age. Furthermore, Male Wood and Female Earth in the Day Column have an attraction relationship into the Earth. This was unfavorable sign to father, because Water represents father for a child. So, he had less relationship with father during this period.
Female Water
Female Water
Female Water Snake
Snake is Fire
Water is Money to Obama. He graduated from Columbia University in 1983, and began to work. He entered Harvard Law School in 1988. Fire is related to his supporters and the reputation. He needs to fight for his reputation, his position and his money.
Male Water
Female Water
Male Water Dragon
Dragon is Earth
Water is Money again. Dragon is Earth but also contains Water. This should bring more income to him. He got the law degree from Harvard in 1991, worked at attorney office and became a law lecturer at University of Chicago Law School. His first book, Dreams from My Father, was published in 1995. He married Michelle Robinson in 1992, which was Water-Monkey Year. Monkey and Snake in the Day Column (Spouse Palace) have attraction relationship into Water. Water represents Money or woman to Obama.
Female Metal
Female Metal
Female Metal Rabbit
Rabbit is Wood
Metal represents good reputation. Metal makes him famous. Wood presents career. Rabbit cycle brings him more powerful position. He was serving in the Illinois Senate from 1997-2004. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Obama received honorary doctorates of law from several universities in 2005-2007. He announced his presidential campaign in 2007.

Male Metal
Male Metal Tiger
Tiger is Wood
Metal is on. Male Metal and Female Wood in the Month Column have an attraction relationship into the Metal. That means his career position makes him more famous. Tiger is good career cycle. But Tiger and Snake in the Day Column have hurting relationship, which is not good for the family or marriage relationship.
Female Soil
Female Soil
Female Earth Cow
Cow is Earth
Strong Earth cycle comes from Stem and Branch. Earth is an unlucky element. He has to spend money or take care financial issue on siblings, friends or relatives. Strong Earth brings the pressure on Water. Water also presents female to him. so something is unfavorable to his woman. Luckily, Cow also contains Water. He can find a way to resolve the money or woman issues.
Male Soil
Male Soil
Male Earth Rat
Rat is Water
Earth cycle is unfavorable to money. Rat is Water, which is money. Rat and Cow in the Year Column have attraction relationship into Earth. That means this is the cycle of money In and Money Out.

Barack Obama's Coming Years

Year Yearly Cycle - Stem and Branch Astrology Sign
2008 Earth Rat; Rat is Water Earth is spending money. Rat is Water, which is money income. Rat and Cow in the Year Column have an attraction relationship into Earth. He has money income, but he has to spend lots of money, too. Nothing will leave for himself.
2009 Earth Cow; Cow is Earth Earth is money out. Cow is Earth too. The good thing is he becomes much stronger determination person. The bad thing is money luck is poor. When a man has a stronger personality, this is very difficult for a woman as his spouse. However, Cow still contain a little bit Water. There is a solution there for Obama to adjust his life.
2010 Metal Tiger; Tiger is Wood Metal is reputation. Tiger is Wood. Wood is the career. Tiger will bring him to a more powerful position. Especially, Tiger and Rabbit in 10-year Major Cycle form an even stronger attraction relationship into Wood. Male Metal and Female Wood in the Month Column have an attraction relationship into the Metal. His career will help him raising a higher reputation.
2011 Metal Rabbit; Rabbit is Wood His 10-Year Major Cycle enters Male Metal Tiger. Metal is reputation. Rabbit is Wood, which is stronger than Tiger. Good reputation and career continue to dominate his life. He is still holding the powerful position, because Rabbit and Tiger in Major Cycle form a stronger attraction relationship into Wood.
2012 Water Dragon; Dragon is Earth Water is Money. Dragon is Earth. But Dragon also contains Water. This is a good cycle of money luck.
2013 Water Snake; Snake is Fire Water is Money. Snake is Fire. Fire is his supporters. Fire might bring his bad reputation. Snake and Tiger in Major Cycle have hurting relationship, which brings poor family or relative relationship.

The current 10-year Major Cycle of Barack Obama is Metal Rabbit, which shows a strong career luck. But 2008 is Earth Rat, which doesn't contain career Wood element. We need to see the 2008 Monthly Cycles, then we know how much chance Obama presidential race is.

Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Chinese Horoscope

      Update May 18, 2008     

According to Los Angeles Times on 5-18-2008, Dallas astrologer Joni Patry announced Obama's birth time was 8-4-1961 7:11 p.m. which was from her client who has a connection with the campaign. In this case, Obama's birth chart is

Male Wood in the Hour Column and Female Earth in the Day Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Dog in the Hour Column is in Earth group. 2008 is the Year of Earth Rat. Rat is Water. But Rat and Cow in the Year Column have attraction relationship into Earth again. Earth is Obama's unlucky element. If there are so many Earth in 2008, then 2008 is a very unlucky year to him. He couldn't have today's position.

If his birth time was after 9:00 PM, then his birth chart is

Female Wood in the Hour Column stands for his career. Pig is Water and contains some Wood. Water is the supporting element of Wood. So Water can make Wood stronger. His birth chart shows a good career foundation. 2008 is Brown Earth Rat Year. Rat is Water. Rat and Cow have an attractive relationship with Earth. But Rat and Pig are Water Gang, so Pig will try to stop the Rat-Cow relationship. Therefore, 2008 won't become a bad year for him.

Obama's current Major Cycle 2001-2010 is Female Metal Rabbit. Metal represents his reputation. Rabbit is Wood. Rabbit, Sheep in the Month and Pig in the Hour form a very strong relationship into Wood. Wood is his career. That means his career luck from 2001 to 2010 is pretty good and strong. If this birth hour is correct, then he has a good chance to win the presidential race.

2009 is Female Earth Cow year. The Cow is Earth. Earth is the unlucky element. That means 2009 won't be that lucky to him as 2008. 2010 is the Male Metal Tiger year. Metal is reputation. Tiger and Pig in the Hour Column have an attraction relationship into Wood, which is the career. Male Metal and Female Wood in Month and Hour have an attractive relationship into Metal. Therefore his career helps him to raise his reputation.

His next Major Cycle (2011-2020) is Male Metal Tiger too. Tiger and Pig form a strong Wood to support his career. Male Metal keeps him famous.

      Update August 29, 2008 - Obama's Birth Certificate     

On August 28, Obama accepted Democratic Presidential nomination with Hillary Clinton's support. A friend told us that Barack Obama's Birth Certificate was shown on my.barackobama.com. The certificate shows his birth time was at 7:24 PM on August 4, 1961. The birthplace is in Honolulu, Hawaii, which longitude is W157.52 degree. 7:24 PM is the Hawaii Standard Time of west longitude 150-degree time. After longitude time adjustment (1 degree is 4 minutes), the local birth time becomes 6:55 PM. If we consider about the true solar time, the true local birth time is about 6:49 PM. 1961 is not a daylight saving time year. We assume the birth certificate is real, the correct birth chart is

When Cow, Snake, and Chicken meet in the birth chart, they have a very strong attraction relationship into Metal. This makes Day Master Female Soil Female Earth weak. The only element to support Day Master is the Sheep. But the strong Metal relationship also weakens the Sheep Earth. Plus, Sheep Earth is under controlled by Female Wood on its top. Without a strong Fire supporting element in the birth chart, Day Master Female Soil Earth becomes too weak. In Chinese Astrology, this birth chart is called a "Fake Extremely Weak" case. The interesting point is that the lucky elements are still the same as other birth times 7:11 PM and 9:00 PM. Water, Metal, and Wood are the lucky elements. Water is money, Wood is career and Metal is reputation.

Cow Earth, Snake Fire, and Chicken Metal relationship tells us that Obama is good at bringing friends (Earth) and supporter (Fire) together into popularity (Metal). He always has many ideas in his mind, because Metal is something out of Earth. All elements and animals in his birth chart are females (Yin). That means he tends to keep some secrets from the public. The strong Metal (reputation) makes stronger Water (money). Wood is not strong enough, career doesn't bring him too much pressure. His birth chart is afraid of Fire - especially the Horse. The Horse can bring Snake and Sheep together into a strong Fire relationship to destroy the Metal relationship from Chicken, Snake and Cow combination. Luckily, he had suffered that miserable time during the first Major Cycle Wooden Horse before 1981.

Obama's birth chart shows earning money is easier for him than stepping up a career position. The Wood career appearing his Major 10-year Cycles is from 2001 to 2020. 2008 is Earth Rat year, there is no Wood in three. It's not so easy for him to become the next US president. He needs to fight for it to get it. Because Water can help Wood stronger, the chance for him to win the US presidential race is determined by the Water money. The money luck in monthly cycles becomes critical.

We would like to briefly review his monthly astrological cycles of 2008 in the Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton page over here again.

Astrology Month Five Element Explanation
Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Tiger
Spring is the season of Wood (tree). Tiger and Rabbit are in Wood group. These two months have the strongest Wood in the astrological cycle. Wood is career. A very strong career luck comes in Spring.
Female WoodFemale Wood
Wooden Rabbit
Male FireMale Fire
Fire Dragon
Male Fire is unlucky element. But Male Fire and Female Metal in Year Column have attraction relationship into Water. Dragon is in Earth group. But Dragon and Rat in Year have a relationship with Water. Water is money. More money comes in for his campaign.
Female FireFemale Fire
Fire Snake
Summer is the season of Fire. Snake and Horse are in the Fire group. Fire is an unlucky element and related to poor reputation. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Earth in this summer is very strong too. Earth is spending money. That means poor reputation needs to spend money to repair it.
Male SoilMale Soil
Earth Horse
Female SoilFemale Soil
Earth Sheep
Male Metal
Metal Monkey
Autumn is the season of Metal. Both Monkey and Chicken are Metal group. Therefore, these two months are pure Metal months. They are the strongest Metal in 60 astrological calendar cycles. Metal is reputation. Good reputation climbs up higher quickly.
Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal
Metal Chicken
Male WaterFemale Water
Water Dog
Water is money. The Dog is Earth, which is spending money. Dog and Chicken in Hour have a relationship with Metal. Money comes and goes to build the reputation.
Female WaterFemale Water
Water Pig
Winter is the season of Water. Pig and Rat are in the Water group. Water is money. Excellent money luck will come. There is a Wood in December. Wood is the career. Water makes Wood growing. The career looks good. But it still needs money to fix it, because Male Wood and Day Master have relationship into Earth and Rat and Cow  have a relationship with Earth.
Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Rat

In short, Spring brings Obama's career luck, Summer brings him poor luck, Autumn brings him good reputation and Winter brings him money luck. Money is very important for the presidential race. Fame can help to bring the money. Fame is Metal; Water is money. Metal and Water cycle coming strongly to Obama's life beginning from August.

However, 2008 is Male Earth Rat year. Male Earth and Female Water in Hour Column have attraction relationship into Fire. Rat and Cow in the Year Column have a relationship with Earth. Fire is connected to a bad reputation and Earth is related to the expense. If the money luck from Monthly Cycle can take care of the problem from Yearly Cycle, then Barack Obama has a good chance to become the US president unless his rival has better luck than his.

      Update October 2008 - Global Financial Crisis     

Stem-Branch Calendar Symbols

Convert Stem-Branch into Five Elements

We know many surprises will happen in 2008. We mentioned 2008 is an intangible year of Brown Rat Year at the beginning of this year. October is Water Dog month. The Dog is in the Earth group. Water and Earth are opposite and fight each other. That means there is a fighting state inside October. 2008 is Brown Earth Rat. Rat is in the Water group. It's the same as October, the year of 2008 has fighting status inside itself. Also, the heavenly stem of October is Water and the heavenly stem of 2008 is Earth. There is a Stem Fighting Relationship between Month and Year. Plus, the earthly branch of October is the Dog and the earthly branch of 2008 is the Rat. There is a Branch Fight Relationship between October and 2008. A total of four fighting relationships are happening in October 2008. It sounds that there is a fierce 4-way dog-fighting surrounding us. This turns US housing problems into global economic chaos. This forces that the financial structures need to be reorganized and the financial management need to be changed. The Financial issue is bigger than earthquake, flood, cyclone, tornado, fire, oil, and war in 2008. Whoever has a better plan can change the current financial system will win the US presidential race. The next US president should be the one giving US history a surprise.

Does Obama have a plan for October? Can he handle October well? Yes, if he was born in the Female Water Chicken hour. Female Water in the Hour has the attraction relationship with Male Earth in 2008. Chicken in the Hour has some attraction relationship with Dog in October into Metal. These two attractions relationships take Male Earth and Dog away from the battle zone and diminish the fighting relationship between October and 2008.

This sounds that four persons are fighting outside Obama's house (birth-chart). He sends two family members to bring in two Earth persons and leaves two Water persons outside.

The Democratic National Committee announced that Barack Obama raised more than $150 million in September, 2008. The Stem-Branch of September is Metal Chicken. Chicken is Metal too. Strong reputation brings stunning money.

      November 4, 2008 - The Voting Date     

The Stem-Branch of Chinese Astrology Calendar on the Election Day, November 4, 2008 is Earth Monkey . The Stem-Branch of Astrology Month is still Water Dog . On the November 6, 2008, then Month Stem-Branch will move to Water Pig . The following is the relationships between Astrology Chart of Nove-4-2008 and Obama's Birth Chart.

The first impression to people is many attraction relationships in-between two charts. The most outstanding relationship is Monkey on 11-04-08 and Dog in Astrology Month of 11-04-08, and Chicken in the Hour Column of Obama's Birth Chart. That's a Powerful Gang Three attraction relationship into Metal. Metal represents good reputation to Obama. Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. Water represents money to him. Rat and Cow have Earth attraction relationship. Earth means spending money. Although, Cow is unfavorable to money, however, Cow, Snake, Chicken in the Birth chart have another powerful Metal attraction relationship. That means Money spending goes for reputation. Male Earth in the Astrology Chart of 11-04-08 and Female Water in the Birth Chart have attraction relationship into Fire. Fire stands for bad reputation. That means on the day of November 4, 2008, there are many negative opinions against him. He need to spend money to fix them.

When many attraction relationships appear in the cycle, the person must have a very good people relationship. More relationships are found in the Hour Column of the Birth Chart. The Hour Column is connected to the next generation to Obama. That's why he can communicate with the young generation well. The strongest element on this date is Metal, which comes from the combination of Cow, Snake, Chicken, Dog, Monkey, and Female Metal. This extremely strong Metal relationship should bring Obama's popularity to the peak. Therefore, November 4, 2008, is a very favorable day for Obama in the presidential race. The Stem-Branch of November 5, 2008 is Earth Chicken . Chicken is Metal again.

      Update November 5, 2008      

Senator Obama was elected 44th president of United State on November 4, 2008. Can he lead the United States well? The answer is actually shown above.

2009 is the year of Brown Cow, which is a STRONG Earth year. Earth is Obama's unlucky element. That means 2009 will be a very tough year for him. Earth  represents his friends, supporters, relatives, or people around him. Many of those people will ask him for favors, returns, or donations. To manage those people will be big trouble to him. Earth is also connected to the ground, which is hard to be moved and changed. Therefore, to change America is not an easy job in 2009.

2010 and 2011 are the Wood years. Wood represents his career and power. His powerful position will bring up his reputation. 2012 is a Water year. Water is money to him. Money is the key to make him win the presidential race in 2008.

      Update December 5, 2008      

Barack Obama rewrote the record on US presidential fundraising. He raised more than $745 million during his presidential campaign. In his latest finance report, Obama reported raising $104 million in more than five weeks immediately before and after Election Day. In the end, Obama still had $30 million left over.

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