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2012 Chinese Horoscope of Barack Obama

Barack Obama Personal Data

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th United States President

Education: Graduated: Columbia University (1983) and Law Degree from Harvard (1991)
Career: U.S. Senator (2005), 44th US President (2009) and Nobel Peace Prize (2009)
Birth Date: August 4, 1961
Birth Time: Birth Certificate shows 7:24 pm
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

According to the birth certificate, the Chinese astrology birth chart of President Barack Obama should be the one below.

Obama's Birth Chart

We had discussed his birth chart in 2008 Chinese Astrology of Barack Obama - The Road to 44th US President and 2009 Chinese Astrology of Barack Obama pages. Here we want to review his career luck in 2012, the Black Water Dragon Year. Barack Obama was born on the Earth Snake Female Metal day in the Wooden Sheep month of the Metal Cow Year. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the Brown Earth Female MetalFemale Earthrepresents Obama himself. Snake is in Fire group, and also contains Earth. Sheep and Cow are in Earth group. Fire is the Supporting element of Earth. Fire and Earth together are stronger than all other elements. That means Earth is very strong in the birth chart. We can say that Obama has a strong personality and good health.

When Cow, Snake and Chicken meet in the birth chart, they have very strong attraction relationship into Metal. This makes Day Master Female Soil Female Earth weak. The only element to support Day Master is the Sheep. But the strong Metal relationship also weakens the Sheep Earth. Plus, Sheep Earth is under controlled by Female Wood on its top. Without strong Fire supporting element in the birth chart, Day Master Female Soil Earth becomes too weak. In Chinese Astrology, this birth chart is called a "Fake Extremely Weak" case. Water, Metal and Wood are the lucky elements. Water is money, Wood is career and Metal is reputation to president Obama. Fire and Earth are unlucky elements. Fire represents bad reputation and Earth represents friends, siblings, coworkers and spending money.

Pig and Rat are in Water group. Monkey and Chicken are in Metal group. Rabbit and Tiger are in Wood group. Snake and Horse are in Fire group. Therefore, Rat and Pig bring him money. Monkey and Female Soil Chicken make him famous. Rabbit and Tiger give him career power. Snake and Horse bring him bad luck. The following is his 10-Year Major Cycles. So we can tell his major luck by looking for Water, Metal and Wood lucky elements as well as lucky animals.

Obama's Major Cycles

The Wood (Rabbit and Tiger) career appearing his Major 10-year Cycles is from 2001 to 2020. 2008 was Male Earth Rat year, there was no Wood in three. He own US presidential race in very hard way. 2008 was Rat Water year. Water is money to Obama. He raised hundreds of million dollars ( about $750 millions) during his presidential campaign. Money created career position for him. 2012 is Black Water Dragon Year. Dragon is in Earth group; but it also contains Water. In Chinese astrology, Dragon is also called Water Dam. Therefore, 2012 is a very strong Water year. The Obama organization is expected to exceed $1 billion in fundraising before the Election Day. Money brings Obama the foundation to re-elected as the US president.

November 6, 2012 - The Election Day

November 6, 2012 is a Metal Sheep day in Metal Dog month of Water Dragon year. Metal represents reputation, performance and popularity to Obama. Male Metal of November 2012 and Female Wood of birth chart have attraction relationship into Metal. Dragon of 2012 and Chicken of birth chart also have attraction relationship into Metal. All the elements in the upper row of birth chart and astrology cycle are Metal and Water, which are lucky elements. These Metal and Water are also supported by the Chicken, Snake and Cow in the birth chart. When these three animal together, they form a very strong Metal combination.

Dog of November, Sheep of Election Day and Dragon of Year are in the Earth group. Cow of birth year and Sheep of birth month are Earth, too. There are very strong Earth combination hidden underground. Dog and Dragon have fighting relationship, which makes Earth more dirty and noisy. Earth are unlucky elements. Earth is connected to people asking for his money. Or we can say Obama has to spend money on supporters to win his reputation. Luckily, hundreds of million dollars campaign fund can buy his fame easily. There is no strong Wood, career star, on this day. Therefore Obama shouldn't feel any pressure on the Election Day. However, good reputation is not enough to predict Obama can win the  presidential race. So we need to see the next day astrology.

November 7, 2012 - The Celebration Day

November 6 is in Dog month. November 7 is in Pig month. The day is Water Monkey day. Again, most of elements in the upper row of birth chart and astrology cycle are Metal and Water, which are lucky elements. Monkey of November 7 and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. Now, the lower row of birth chart and astrology cycle have more Water than Earth.

Water represents money to Obama. Money will continue to fly in during the Water Pig month. Both fame and Money arrives on November 7, 2012. Money is a Happy Star to most of people. Obama organization and administration will celebrate on this day for his second term as US president.

Barack Obama's Coming Years

Yearly Cycle Astrology Prediction
Female WaterFemale Water
Water Snake
Water is Money. Snake is in Fire group. Fire is his supporters. Fire might bring his bad reputation. Snake and Tiger in Major Cycle have hurting relationship, which brings poor family or relative relationship. in the first half of the year, Obama will be well in economy strategy. In the second half of the year, he will receive lots of critiques.
Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Horse
Wood is career. Male Wood of 2014 and Day Master Female Earth in the Day Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Earth is spending money. Financial management might encounter the obstacle. Horse is a strong Fire. Horse of 2014, Tiger of Major Cycle and Sheep of Month have very strong attraction relationship into Fire. The reputation of Obama will drop down to the bottom. This is a pretty bad year to Obama.
Female WoodFemale Wood
Wooden Sheep
Wood is career or power. Female Wood and Male Metal of Major Cycle have attraction relationship into Metal, which is the good reputation. Sheep is in Earth group. Sheep and Tiger of Major Cycle have some attraction relationship into Fire. Therefore, Obama has mixing reputation in 2015.
Male FireMale Fire
Fire Monkey
Fire is not a lucky element. But Male File and Female Metal of birth year have attraction relationship into Water. Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. Monkey and Chicken of birth hour have attraction relationship into Metal. He has good relationship with his children. This will be a good year to Obama.

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