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Tiger Woods Baby Girl's Chinese Horoscope

Sam, the daughter of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, was born on 06/18/2007 early morning, daylight savings time. The following birth chart assumes the birth time was after 5:00 AM standard time.

The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:

birth chart 1
Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols
birth chart 2
Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Sam was born on the Female Water Sheep day in the Red Fire Horse month of the Red Fire Pig Year. The Day Stem represents the person. Therefore, the Female Water Female FireFemale Waterrepresents Sam. This Day Stem is a.k.a. Day Master.

Sam was born in Horse month, which is the mid-summer, according to Chinese astrology calendar. Horse is in the Fire element group. Sheep is in the Earth element group. When Sheep is next to the Horse , the Earth element of Sheep becomes dry soil. Rabbit is Wood. Pig is Water, but it is away from Day Master Female Water. When Pig meets Rabbit and Sheep together, three of them become a powerful group of Wood. Year Stem is Female Fire Female FireFemale Fire; Month Stem is Male Fire Male FireMale Fireand Hour Stem is Female Wood Female WoodFemale Wood.

Metal is the mother element of Water, but we cannot find one in the birth chart. Wood is the Child element of Water, which wastes  the energy of Water. Earth element can let Water disappear. Strong Fire can evaporate Weak Water. The only little support of Water is the Pig Water in the Year Branch. But Pig goes to join Wood group party with Sheep and Rabbit, and forgets his duty. Day Master Female Water is hardly to get any support. In this case, Water is too weak to fight with enemies - Wood, Fire and Earth. In Chinese astrology, it's called an Extremely Weak birth chart.

When we cannot fight the strong enemy, one way to survive is to surrender. We need to choose enemy as the lucky element. Therefore, the lucky elements are Wood, Fire and Earth. Water and Metal are the unlucky elements.

Five Elements and Ten Gods

Chinese astrology is talking about Yin Yang Five Elements. In general,

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal.
Rabbit and Tiger are Wood.
Rat and Pig are Water.
Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,

Cow contains Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yin Water.
Dog contains Yin Metal, Yang Earth, Yin Fire.
Dragon contains Yin Water, Yang Earth, Yin Wood.
Sheep contains Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Wood. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships. We have the Sam's 10-God Relationship Chart on the right.

Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Female WoodFemale Wood  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output
Male FireMale Fire  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth
Female FireFemale Fire  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth
Male SoilMale Soil  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline
Female SoilFemale Soil  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline
Male MetalMale Metal  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Female MetalFemale Metal  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Male WaterMale Water  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners
Female WaterFemale Water  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy

Pig, Rabbit and Sheep are powerful Wood group. Female Wood appears on the Hour Stem. Wood is the Fame Star, which is a lucky element. People know her when she was born. Sheep and Horse together have attraction relationship into Fire. Male Fire and Female Fire are in Month and Year columns. Fire is the Money Star and a lucky element. So she was born rich, and will deal with money in her entire life.

There are three Female Fire in the birth chart. Female Fire, Windfall Star Easy Money,  is connected to father. The Mother Star Metal isn't found in the birth chart. This means the girl will be closed to father more than mother.

Earth Elements are hiding in the Sheep and Horse. They are not that clear comparing with Fire. Earth is the Career Star. Sam will be interesting more in business money, not career position.

Strong Wood shows in Sam's birth chart. Wood is something out of Water, which is related to people outlook, expression and acting. Wood is a lucky element. So Sam will be a good-looking girl.

Pig, Rabbit and Sheep have attraction relationship into Wood. Sheep and Horse have attraction relationship into Fire. Pig and Horse have hidden attraction relationship between Male Water in Pig and Female Fire in Horse. Many attraction relationships means she will be popular and have good communication skill.

The Day Branch contains the information about the spouse. The Day Branch is Sheep. Sheep contains Earth and Earth also represents men to Sam. Sam will have a good marriage. Her husband won't expose in pubic too much. She will make her husband look good, because strong Fire (money) is the support element of Earth. Her husband might enjoy more his life with his own friends, because of the attraction relationship of Sheep and Horse.

The hidden relationship of Pig in the Year Branch and Horse in the Month Branch is a hint about that her parent might have a secret people relationship we don't know.

  Hour Day Month Year Note
Stem Female WoodFemale Wood Female WaterFemale Water Male FireMale Fire Female FireFemale Fire Outside: People can see the fact
Branch Inside: Fact is hidden to people
Late Age

Middle age

Growing Age

Early Age
Whole Family

Birth Chart Astrology Information

In Chinese astrology birth chart, Year column is the information about the person's early age. Month column is about the growing age, Day column is the about the middle age and Hour column is about the older age. Stem row is the information about people's outward appearance. Branch row is the real and hidden side of people's life.

Female Fire in Year column represents Sam's father, Tiger Woods. So father is with her during her childhood. Earth represents male to her. Earth is found in Month and Day columns, she will find her love after becoming an adult. If the birth hour is correct, then she will spend lots of time with her children during the late age, because Wood is the Child Star to her.

10-Year Major Cycles

major cycle
Sam's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Chinese astrology birth chart shows people's destiny. Chinese astrology 10-year major cycles reveals people's major fortune. To study people fortune, we always go from lucky elements first.

From the previous analysis, the structure of Sam's Chinese astrology birth chart is quite rare and excellent. She has very good foundation for her life on the day she was born. Unless the major cycle and yearly cycle appear unlucky elements at the same time, her luck should be pretty well during any major cycle. The unlucky elements are Water and Metal.

To summarize the Five Elements of Sam Woods are

Age Major Cycle Stem and Branches Prediction
Female Fire
Female Fire Sheep;
Sheep is Earth
Female Fire is the Father Star. Father Tiger Woods will be all around her this period.

Sheep is Earth, but Sheep and Horse in the Month column have attraction relationship into Fire. This will make the Fire even stronger. Fire is the Money/Father Star. So we know the career of Tiger Woods should stay pretty good in this cycle.

Male Earth
Male Earth Monkey;
Monkey is Metal
Earth is the Career Star. Sam has the chance to act a leadership while becoming an adult. Earth is related to men. Male Earth and Day Master Female Water have the attraction relationship into Fire. This tells us the good marriage will happen in this cycle. Fire is Money. People will talk about her marriage and money together.

Monkey is Metal, which is the Mother Star. That means Sam will be much closer to mother when becoming a woman.

Female Earth
Female Earth Chicken;
Chicken is Metal
The general luck of this cycle is about the same to the previous cycle. Earth can weaken the power of Fire. Fire is the Father Star. Either the career of Tiger Woods might begin to decline or Sam won't get that much attention from father or doesn't have the chance to meet father like before.

Chicken is Metal. Sam is still under mother's protection. She wont' expose too much.

Male Earth
Male Metal Dog;
Dog is Earth
Metal is the Mother Star or someone supports Sam. Metal can cut the Wood, which is the Fame Star. So Sam won't be that popular like before during this cycle.

Dog is Earth and has some degree of attraction relationship with Horse into Fire. Fire is the Money Star. So the money luck is still good.

Female Fire
Female Metal Pig;
Pig is Water
Female Metal and Male Water in the Month column have attraction relationship into Water. Pig is Water. Therefore Water is strong in this cycle.

Metal is related to her supporters. Water is connected to spending money. Sam will spend money on people around her to buy the reputation.

Male Fire
Male Water Rat;
Rat is Water
Male Water and Female Fire in the Year Column have attraction relationship into Wood. Rat is Water.

Wood is the Fame Star. Water is Companion Star and also is related to spending money. So Sam will spend money on her friends or relatives to win the reputation.

The Rise and Fall Chart of the Life

The following is the Favorable (Lucky) Elements up and down chart of Sam Woods from Major Cycles. Chinese astrology theory mainly focuses on people's fame, money and career. Sam's lucky elements are Fame, Money and Career Stars. Therefore this chart explains well about her entire life.

Sam Woods has very good childhood and later life. Although, the blue bars are shorter during the mid-age. She will be still doing well, because the foundation of her birth chart is too good.

If Sam Woods thinks health, love, happiness, family and relative relationships are more important than money, reputation and career, then we need to see different charts from the Chinese Fortune Angel Astrology software.

Many things in the world are opposite. It's hardly to get both. For example, if a person works too hard for the money or career for a long time, then we don't think that person has a good health. To conquer the money and career, we always have to pay for the price. Whether increasing income or good health is good luck, all depending on individuals.

Since the birth time of Sam Woods is uncertain and her birth chart is a special case, the credibility of the prediction might be questioned. We would like to see any differences in the birth charts before 5:00 AM and after 7:00 AM standard time.

Before 5:00 AM  After 7:00 AM
Hour Day Month Year Hour Day Month Year
Female Wood Female WaterFemale Water Male FireMale Fire Female FireFemale Fire Female WoodMale Fire Female WaterFemale Water Male FireMale Fire Female FireFemale Fire

Hour Stem is Male Wood and Hour Brach is Tiger. Tiger is in Wood element group. Pig is Water and away from Day Master. Day Master Female Water doesn't have enough support. The birth chat is a "Fake Extremely Weak" case.

Wood is the Fame Star. Tiger and Pig are not next to each other, but they have some attraction relationship into Wood. So Fame Star is stronger than Fire (Money) Star. Sam will be popular as the one born in the Rabbit hour.

Hour Stem is Male Fire and Hour Brach is Dragon. Dragon is in Earth element group. The only support of Day Master Female Water is Pig. They cannot fight with strong Fire and Earth. We call this kind of The birth chat as the "Fake Extremely Weak" case.

Fire is Money Star. Earth is Career Star. There are three Fire on the Stem row. So Sam will deal with Money more than the reputation.

Both of birth charts are the Fake Extremely Weak cases. Therefore, their lucky elements are the same as Extremely Weak birth chart. That means Wood, Fire and Earth are the lucky elements. The most previous predictions are still right. Some predictions in the Major cycles are required some adjustment. But the overall predictions are about the same. Also, a person of Extremely Weak birth chart usually will be richer and luckier than people of Fake Extremely Weak birth charts.

The predictions here are only from the Major Cycles. The ending result for each events might be changed by the factor of Stem and Branch from the Yearly Cycles. Without studying the Yearly Cycle, we won't know the ending result. Without studying the Monthly and Daily Cycles, we won't know when the events will start and stop.

This lucky and rich girl, Sam Alexis Woods, has been born. Now we have to wait for 20 years to see who will be the lucky guy to have this girl.

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