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To bring up the Astrology Personality Charts screen select Astrology from the menu bar, then click the Personality Chart item from the drop down.

In the Chinese Five Element Theory, each individual is composed, in varying proportions, of Five Elements which are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Therefore each person has varying degrees of a personality mix the virtues of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The Personality Chart shows the proportions of the person's personality using the Five Elements. Since the Five Elements are changing yearly, monthly, even daily, a person's personality will slightly change during their Five Element cycles.

To display the personality Chart, select the birthday, birth time and gender, then click on the Personality or Chart button.
If the person's name is in the database, then click the People icon to popup the name listing. Double-click on the person's name in the Name List popup window, the birthday, birth time and gender will automatically be filled into the Astrology Personality Charts Window.

After clicking the Personality button, the Astrology Personality Charts window will describe a simple profile of the person.

After clicking the Chart button, the Personality Pie Charts window will appear.

The Personality Pie Chart has five different colors, Green, Red, Brown, Yellow and Blue. The Green, Red, Brown, Yellow and Blue represent the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water respectively.

If Fire is the largest portion of the pie, then the person has Fire-type personality. The explanation of the Personality Pie Chart can be found in the  Can The Leopard Change its Spots? section of the help file.

To find additional personality information read the Relationship between Personality and Five Elements.

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To close the Personality Chart window click on the Close icon.

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