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Can The Leopard Change its Spots?

It is said that a leopard cannot change its spots, when it applies to people's personality. Scientific studies show that about 40 percent of the variance in personality and social behavior is biologically inherited. Biology, clearly, is not destiny. Actually, experience creates considerable wiggling room for personality change.

From the Chinese astrology viewpoint, it's true that a leopard cannot change its spots for 90 percent of the time. For those people that have unbalanced Five Element birth charts, it is very difficult for them to change their major personality. According to the statistics in the Chinese astrology survey, close to 90% of Five Element Birth Charts are out of balance.

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. When the Five Elements apply to people's personality, each element has a good side and bad side personality. Wood-type personality is kind, but sometimes inflexible. Fire-type personality is courteous, but sometimes overstates. Earth-type personality is reliable, but sometimes passive. Metal-type personality is righteous, but sometimes violent and the Water-type person is smart, but sometimes sly. For more personality information read the Relationship between Personality and Five Elements.

In the Five Element Theory, each individual is composed of unique and varying proportions of the Five Elements, which make people have different personalities. The Chinese Fortune Angel software helps people to calculate their Five Element weights in their birth chart using the Astrology Personality Charts screen. By knowing each of the Five Element's proportions, people can judge personalities according to the instinct of the Five Elements.

For example,
Wood Fire Earth Metal Water

This birth chart has 58 percent Fire. Fire is the dominant element in the birth chart since it has the highest score so this person is considered to have a Fire-type personality.

Because there is no way to decrease the weight of the Fire element in the birth chart, this person will carry that element type's personality for life. That's why people agree that a leopard cannot change its spots.

However, the weight of an element might increase when the element appears in the Chinese Astrology's Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle.

Usually, a person carries the bad side of the element's personality when the proportion of that element is too large or too small. If a person lacks the Metal-type personality and the proportion of Metal is increased during a certain cycle, then he or she will be luckier during that period. That means the person's Metal personality moves from the bad side to the good side and the person has better luck due to a better personality.

The next example
Wood Fire Earth Metal Water

The dominant elements in the above birth chart are Wood and Fire. So the major personality of this person is a combination of a Wood-type and Fire-type personality.

Another example
Wood Fire Earth Metal Water

This is a balanced Five Element birth chart. We cannot find a dominant element in the birth chart. In general, the person has all the good characteristics of the Five Elements personalities. But, if a certain element appears in the both the Major Cycle and the Yearly Cycle at the same time, then that element will be dominant in the birth chart that year and the person will significantly carry some bad characteristic of that personality. The person will drastically change personalities when a different element appears in both cycles again. Therefore, a leopard might change its spots in this case.

When studying the Personality Pie Chart, simply look for a small change in the element's percentage to know if any significant change in the personality will occur.

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