Year of Dragon - 2012 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Cow

2012 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Cow years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

2013 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Cow
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2012 Chinese Dragon Lunar New Year

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow. (Verify Your Sign)

Cow is an animal that lives on the ground. Dragon is a creature of the sky. Cow and Dragon don't know each other well. When they are together, they have minor conflict. That implies Cow people's social relationships have some problem in 2012. Therefore, Cow people's fortune in the Dragon year is just fine. You don't expect something great will happen to you in 2012. You might however encounter some trouble in career development or financial investment. Luckily, It's possible that an unexpected helper will appear to help you to remove the obstacle. But the best way to keep from trouble is to prevent yourself from stepping into the trouble corner. Cow people tend to work hard without complaints. If you keep this spirit and make sure there is no conflict or dispute with people, then  you will walk through the year of Dragon smoothly.

Career: Because Dragon and Cow have some degree of conflict, Dragon can disperse the friends of Cow. Therefore, Cow people will lose the support in career development. Even though your good friends who want to help you are there, they are not powerful enough to help you to win competition. That means you don't have to push yourself that hard when the job opportunity is there. Instead, you need to perform your current duty well and don't have any quarrel with others. Then you might have a second chance when competitors fail. If you ignore any upcoming opportunities, then your expectations might lead to nothing.

Money: There is an unlucky star appearing in the money area this year. Therefore, this is not good year for any risky financial investments. It would be best to budget for your current expenses and watch your spending. It's not a good idea to loan your money to friends or relatives. If you are too greedy for money, you might suffer money loss. If you receive money in an improper way, then you might face a lawsuit. Cow people's money luck in 2012 is below average, but you can have a stable income as long as you perform your work well.

Love: There is no romantic atmosphere between Dragon and Cow. There is a gap of love between these two animals. Therefore Cow people have to be patient to wait for love. People in love need to avoid unnecessary arguments and maintain a good relationship. Men have better luck for love in the Dragon year. So a man has chance to build better and deeper relationship with his lover.  The luck for love is just fair for women. If a woman is in love, then she shouldn't push the relationship because her lover is not ready.

Health: Dragon and Cow together have little chance to hurt each other. Therefore, Cow people might have trouble with their feelings and emotions. Some minor disease related to liver, stomach or spleen could appear from bad moods, but they shouldn't become a serious problem. As long as Cow people can find time to do regular exercise and give themselves enough time to rest and relax, then they should have a healthy Dragon year.

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The above prediction of 2012 Chinese Horoscope for Rat people is based on people's birthday. Using the birth year to tell people's fortune was far away before Chin Dynasty (221 B.C.), which is the first Dynasty in China. During the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese began to use birth year, month and day to predict the fortune. To add birth hour to study the fortune like today started in Sung Dynasty (960 A.D.). The reason to make these changes is simple. It's more accurate. Therefore, for more accurate 2012 prediction, please go to 2012 Chinese Five Element Astrology.

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