2017 Chinese New Year - Questions and Answers

2017 is the year of the Chicken. The first day of the 2017 Chinese New Year falls on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The Chinese Lantern Festival is on Saturday, February 11, 2017. The following are the most frequently asked questions for the Chinese New Year. All these complete Information about Chinese New Year Day, Lunar Calendar, Festival, Parade, Expo, Zodiac, Astrology and Feng Shui are provided by Chinese Fortune Calendar.

When is the 2017 Chinese New Year Day?

What is the Name of Chinese Year 2017?

 The Chinese calendar name of 2017 is Female FireDing 2017 ChickenYo.

Why 2017 is Called the Year of Chicken?

How Old is the China?

How does the Chinese Calendar Work?

Where are Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope Chinese New Year Prediction for 2016?

Why does sometimes Chinese New Year Day Arrive Late?

For example, The 2009 Chinese New Year Day was on January 26, 2009. Chinese New Year of 2010 is February 14, 2010. It comes about 20 days late. This is because there were 13 lunar months in 2009 Chinese Lunar Calendar. The extra lunar month (Leap Month) pushed down the Chinese New Year Day about three weeks. More Information is at Leap Month of 2009.

Why is sometimes the Date of Chinese New Year in USA different in China?

Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first lunar month, which is the Tiger Month. The first lunar day is the new moon day. The new moon time determines the new moon day. China time zone and USA time zones have 13-16 hours difference. Therefore, there are more than 50% chance that China and USA have different new moon days. For example, the Chinese New Year Day of 2011 in USA time zones should be on February 2, 2011. Detail is at Chinese New Year 2011.

How do Chinese Celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year ParadeMost Chinese families spend at least 3 weeks to prepare Chinese New Year Day. There are many related Chinese traditional culture activities before Chinese New Year Day. If you want to know about Chinese New Year food, religion culture, Gong Xi Fat Choi, fireworks, firecracker, lion dance, dragon dance, music, red envelopes, Jade Emperor, Human Day, Tang-Yuan, Nian-Gao, Fa-Gao, story of Nian, God of Door, God of Land, God of Stove, God of Wealth, Legendary Hell, animal sacrifices and the Lantern Festival, then you must read the followings


When and Where are Chinese New Year Festivals and Parades in USA/Canada?

Where Can I Print the Chinese Calendar?

Where is the Feng Shui Guidance for 2017?

Feng Shui guides people the approach to empower their energy, potential and fortune. It advises people to reach the wisdom, love, health and power. Some Chinese follow the yearly locations of Feng Shui Flying Stars to re-arrange their furniture and change the bedroom and living room decoration each year. In this way, they believe they can stay away the money loss, danger and accident.

What's Popular Chinese New Year Songs and Music?

The following MP3 music can be heard on the street, department stores, radio and TV programs during Chinese New Year period. Without those music, Chinese don't feel Chinese New Year around.

Sample of Happy Chinese New Year Songs and Lion Dancing Music are at Chinese New Year Songs and Music page of http://www.chinesenewyearday.com.

Where Can I Watch Lion Dance and Dragon Dance?

If you can find Lion Dancing or Dragon Dancing performances in the Chinese New Year Parade or Expo, then watch the video from Internet.

When is Chinese New Year Day for coming years?

List Chinese New Year Dates and the first date of Chinese Astrological Years

List Chinese New Year Dates in USA time zones

List the Chinese New Year Days

Because the Chinese New Year Day is based on the New Moon Day and different time zones might have different new moon days in Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year Days might fall different days in the USA time zones.

The following Chinese New Year Days is calculated based on China time zone, which is east longitude 120 degree time.

YearChinese New Year DayZodiac Color Animal SignFirst Day of Animal Year
  2000     February,  5 2000 2000 White Metal Dragon Year February 4, 2000
  2001     January, 24 2001 2001 White Metal Snake YearFebruary 4, 2001
  2002     February, 12 2002 2002 Black Water Horse YearFebruary 4, 2002
  2003     February,  1 2003 2003 Black Water Sheep YearFebruary 4, 2003
  2004     January, 22 2004 2004 Green Wood Monkey YearFebruary 4, 2004
  2005     February,  9 2005 2005 Green Wood Chicken YearFebruary 4, 2005
  2006     January, 29 2006 2006 Red Fire Dog YearFebruary 4, 2006
  2007     February, 18 2007 2007 Red Fire Pig YearFebruary 4, 2007
  2008     February,  7 2008 2008 Brown Earth Rat YearFebruary 4, 2008
  2009     January, 26 2009 2009 Brown Earth Cow Year February 4, 2009
  2010     February, 14 2010 2010 White Metal Tiger Year February 4, 2010
  2011     February,  3 2011 2011 White Metal Rabbit YearFebruary 4, 2011
  2012     January, 23 2012 2012 Black Water Dragon YearFebruary 4, 2012
  2013     February, 10 2013 2013 Black Water Snake YearFebruary 4, 2013
  2014     January, 31 2014 2014 Green Wood Horse YearFebruary 4, 2014
  2015     February, 19 2015 2015 Green Wood Sheep YearFebruary 4, 2015
  2016     February,  8 2016 2016 Red Fire Monkey YearFebruary 4, 2016
  2017     January, 28 2017 2017 Red Fire Chicken YearFebruary 3, 2017
  2018     February, 16 2018 2018 Brown Earth Dog YearFebruary 4, 2018
  2019   February,  5 2019 2019 Brown Earth Pig YearFebruary 4, 2019
  2020     January, 25 2020 2020 White Metal Rat YearFebruary 4, 2020

Chinese New Year God of Wealth
Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fat Choi

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