Year of Dragon - 2012 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Rat

2012 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Rat years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

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If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Pig, not Rat. (Verify Your Sign)

Rat people's fortune in 2012 Dragon year is fair. It shouldn't have a very exciting result or a very sad ending. Rat is in the Water group of Chinese Five Elements astrology. Dragon contains Earth, Water and Wood. In Chinese astrology, Dragon has a nickname, the Water Dam. When Rat Water enters the Dragon Water Dam, then the water will stop and stay inside. This implies Rat people won't see outstanding achievement in the Dragon year, but it doesn't mean that you have trouble in career, money or love. It only means you might get less return than you expected even if you put more effort in it. As long as you don't aim too high, you will be satisfied with what you will do in 2012.

Rat Water is connected to wisdom. In the Dragon year, Rat people can spend more time learning, improving job skills, and placing emphasis physical exercise. This way, you will have knowledge and energy to participate more network activities and build more people relationships. The network of resources will help you bring more income later. This is good time to charge yourself.

Career: When Rat meets Dragon, Dragon will be a very good advisor and it will bring wisdom to Rat. 2012 is a good opportunity for Rat people to perform their job duty, simply because Rat can do diligent work. Rat people will earn appreciation from their boss. Since the people relationship is good, Rat can get support and help from people around. The career opportunity might arrive suddenly. You can receive the benefit from the team work. Since Rat Water will enter Dragon Water Dam, people cannot see Rat after all. So remember that you should share credit to your partners to develop a deeper social network. Do not argue with people, otherwise you might lose your support.

Money: Money luck is fair and steady. 2012 is Water Dragon year. Rat people will be busy enjoying their social life. Either Rat people spend money on their friends, or their friends will help Rat people bring more income. Usually, if your astrology birth chart is lacking in Water, then your friend will provide you with financial advice or tell you about investment opportunities. The money luck will come better than you expected. If your astrology birth chart already has too much money, then your friends might ask a financial aid from you. Rat is Water and Dragon is Earth. Water is afraid of Earth. If Rat wants to spend too much money, then Dragon will stop it. It's safe for Rat people to look for long-term investment. A short-term risk business won't give you a satisfied result.

Love: Rat can get along with Dragon well. The Rat people's emotional development in 2012 will go smoothly. It's a good time for unmarried Rat people to find the ideal partner. Married couples should have a sweet memory of love in the Dragon year. However, Dragon is a Spiritual and Intelligent Star to Rat. Sometimes, Dragon needs quiet time and doesn't focus on love. It's possible that the one you love cannot spend too much time with you because of job or career reason. Therefore, if something unexpected happens to the love relationship, Rat people need to have some patience for a better timing of a romantic moment.

Health: The health luck is fair. Rat people should not have any big trouble in the Dragon year. 2012 is Water Dragon year. Dragon also contains Water. Therefore Rat people just have to pay attention on their cardiovascular system or watch for any kidney disease. It's a good idea to emphasize on physical exercise to keep the body warm. Also, Rat people should stay away from alcohol and tobacco to make sure there is no minor disease to bother you in the year of Dragon.

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The above prediction of 2012 Chinese Horoscope for Rat people is based on people's birthday. Using the birth year to tell people's fortune was far away before Chin Dynasty (221 B.C.), which is the first Dynasty in China. During the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese began to use birth year, month and day to predict the fortune. To add birth hour to study the fortune like today started in Sung Dynasty (960 A.D.). The reason to make these changes is simple. It's more accurate. Therefore, for more accurate 2012 prediction, please go to 2012 Chinese Five Element Astrology.

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