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For people born in Rat years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

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Horse doesn't like Rat at all. They said Horse will die when it eats the feces of Rat. Therefore, Rat people's fortune won't be too good in 2014 Horse year. According to Chinese Horoscopes Five-Element theory, Rat is in Water group and Horse is in Fire group. Fire is afraid of Water. But horse contains strongest Fire among 12 animals. Fire of Horse and Water of Rat will fight badly together. That's a sign of quarrel and dispute.

2013 of Snake year is the first year of Fire cycle. 2014 of Horse year is the second year of Fire Cycle. If you do well in 2013, then you will continue to do well in 2014. If 2013 did bring you bad luck, then you have to watch out in 2014 and prepare to face coming troubles. Fire is related to money to Rat. The major activity in 2014 must be something to do with money and friends.

Rat contains Water. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Earth can make Water disappear and bring pressure on Rat. To fight with Fire and Earth, Rat Water will be exhausted in 2014. Therefore, Rat people will feel not enough energy in 2014.

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Career: Rat people's career in 2014 won't be good. The main reason is Horse and Rat have hostile and fighting relationship. That is the sign of disagreement or argument. That means the career path is not smooth and stable. Horse can run fast, which is a sign of movement and traveling. So you will have busy schedule for your job assignments. You might have to work extra hours or have to work out of town. A relocation for new job assignment is possible. Chancing a new position or new company is also possible. All these are good signs. If you don't accept the challenge, you will lose the opportunity during the competition.

If you complain lots of pressure on your position, then you won't be happy in the office. Either you change a new boss or new company, the new position will still keep you busy. Your people relationship is poor in the Horse year. You have better be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, you will face more obstacles in your career development. Keeping a low profile is the key to have a peaceful career in 2014.

Money: Your money luck is fair in 2014. Horse contain Fire. Rat is Water. Fire is connected to money to Rat people. Therefore money related activities will increase. Rat people will see many money opportunities, but they have to fight to own it. If you win, then Horse brings you good income. If you lose, then Horse brings a money loss. Since there is an Exhausted Star to Rat people in 2014. This tells us that money pressure makes you tired and you might feel short of money in the year of Horse.

Rat people need lots of wisdom to manage their financial investment in the Horse year. They must be alert and take more considerations before taking investment decisions. If you need to look for the investment partners or financial advisors, you can find the people born in year of Dragon or Monkey. They can help you to fight with the pressure from Horse and protect your wealth. As long as you are not greedy, you will have stable income.

Love: The Love relationship for Rat people in 2014 is poor. Rat is in Water Group and Horse is in Fire Group. Therefore, Rat and Horse cannot get along too well. Pig people shouldn't expect a good result in love relationship. However, if you are a male, then Horse is connected to a female to you. So male Rat people have better chances to meet the opposite sex in 2014. You still can succeed in looking for love, if you can avoid conflict and quarrel with friends around.

If you are single and looking for love, then the first step is to spend more time and money for social activities. You might know or meet someone you like far away from your house. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from Internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can spend more time to maintain your relationship. If you are married, then you can plan for your vacation on traveling to enjoy your love relationship. Year of Horse is easier to bring up argument or dispute to Rat people. As long as Rat people can control their temper, the love relationship will be fine.

Health: Rat people might need to consume lots of brain power and energy for their income in 2014. Since Horse year will be a busy year, you have to learn how to manage your schedule and reserve time for enough rest and relax after work. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career and wealth. If you have health issue on kidney, bladder or cardiovascular system in 2013, then you need to continue monitor the condition to prevent it becoming a bigger problem in 2014.

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