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A smart female with a variety of talents is expecting good luck in her career during middle age. Strong Day Master people don't have good income until the cycles of money and career coming.

Female : January 4, 1983 8:30
Male Water Born in Rat Month
Season: Winter
Style: Robber
Strong-Weak: Strong
Lucky Elements: Earth, Wood, Fire

Chinese Astrology 10-God Birth Chart

January 4, 1983 8:30
Wood DragonWater DragonWater RatWater Dog

This female was born on January 4, 1983 at 8:30. According to Chinese Zodiac Calendar, it's Male Water Dragon day in Water Rat month of Water Dog year at Wood Dragon hour. The time is Winter. The upper row of the Day column is called Day Master, which is Yang Water. The Day Master represents the person.

This person is Female. The first year of 10-Year Major Cycle is 1992. It begins from Female Metal Pig in descending order.

Chinese Zodiac 10-Year Major Cycles

10-Year Major Cycles


The following is the Five Element Scores Chart. The calculation sums up the total weights of five elements inside the birth chart. The scores are also included the hidden Stem-Branch of the Palace of the Destiny. Since different seasons favor different five elements, these scores are adjusted by the season of the birth month. These scores are only the reference data to choose the Lucky Element.

Chinese Five Element Scores

Your Day Master is Yang Water. Wood is the Fame star. Fire is the Money star. Earth is the Career star. Metal is the Parent star. Water is the Companion star.

Adjusted Five-Element Scores






Free Chinese Zodiac Readings

Rat and Dragon have Water attraction relationship. Your birth chart has too much water. Rat month is still cold. The birth chart needs Fire to warm up.

Therefore, Fire is your lucky element. Wood helps Fire to burn. Wood is helpful too. Since Earth can absorb some Water. Earth is good for you, too. We don't need more Water. Extra Water or Metal won't help the balance of the five elements.

The birth chart is a Strong case. The Lucky Elements are Male Earth, Female Earth, Male Wood, Female Wood, Male Fire, Female Fire. Your Lucky Animals are Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Dog. Basically, when the Lucky Element and Lucky Animal appear in the 10-Year Major cycle, you will have good fortune during those 10 years.

10-Year Major Cycles

1992-2001 Metal Pig
Female Metal is an event of learning, health, protection.
Pig is an event of friendship, social or money. Without Fire, your father probably couldn't bring in good income for the family.

2002-2011 Metal Dog
Male Metal is an event of learning, health, protection.
Dog is an event of career, pressure or trouble.
Male Metal and Male Wood have fighting relationship.
Dog and Dragon have fighting relationship.

2012-2021 Earth Chicken
Female Earth is an event of career, pressure or trouble.
Chicken is an event of learning, health, protection.
Female Earth (Career) and Male Wood have Earth (Career) attraction relationship.
Chicken and Dragon have Metal (Parent) attraction relationship. Your talent turns into jobs. Metal is the child element of Earth. Metal weakens the energy of Earth. Career development is limited.

2022-2031 Earth Monkey
Male Earth is an event of career, pressure or trouble.
Monkey is an event of learning, health, protection.
Monkey, Rat and Dragon have powerful Water relationship. It is a sign of flood. Yang Earth is connected to mountain. Without Fire, Wood is your lucky element. Your lucky element is the Yang Wood of Hour. Yang Wood is the big tree, which doesn't like flood. Now Yang Wood can stand on the top of mountain of Yang Earth. Your talent will apply on the career well.

2032-2041 Fire Sheep
Female Fire is an event of money, finance or pleasure.
Sheep is an event of career, pressure or trouble.
Female Fire (Money) and Male Water have Wood (Fame) attraction relationship into Wood. Both Wood and Fire brings good luck in fame and career.

2042-2051 Fire Horse
Both Male Fire and Horse are events of money, finance or pleasure.
Male Fire and Male Water have fighting relationship.
Horse and Rat have fighting relationship. Pig and Horse have hidden double attractive relationship. It's a good luck sign in wealth.

2052-2061 Wood Snake
Female Wood is an event of reputation, relaxation or argument.
Snake is an event of money, finance or pleasure. Wood and Fire of Snake bring you money and reputation.

2062-2071 Wood Dragon
Male Wood is an event of reputation, relaxation or argument.
Dragon is an event of career, pressure or trouble.
Dragon and Dog have fighting relationship.
Dragon and Rat have some Water (Companion) attraction relationship. Male Wood brings very strong reputation.

Marriage Year: The third 10-Year Major Cycle is from 2012 to 2021. The Major Cycle name is Female Earth Chicken. Female Earth presents your husband or boyfriend. The Dragon of Day Column is the palace of spouse in Chinese astrology. Dragon and Chicken have an attractive relationship. That's a good sign of a love relationship. Chicken and Dog of Year Column have an attractive relationship with Earth. This implies you have good people relationship during this major cycle.

2012 was the Year of Male Water Dragon. Dragon of 2012 and Rat of Month Column have an attractive relationship with Water. That means you have a good relationship with your family members, such as parents and siblings. 2012 opened the door for marriage.

Chinese Five Element Applications

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