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Many people keep asking how to learn Chinese Astrology, where to find good Chinese Horoscope Books and how to how to read the Chinese Zodiac Charts. They might have learned some basic Chinese zodiac knowledge or even read advanced material. But they still have troubles to figure out the characteristics of a Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. Now we prepare lots of educational case studies here for people interesting in Chinese Astrology learning.

Chinese Astrology involves lots of Chinese philosophy. You need to learn Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Ten Stems, Twelve Branches, Chinese stem-branch calendar, Zodiac Signs, Five Stars, Ten Gods, Hidden Stars, Feng Shui, I-Ching etc. The purpose of learning these theories is to know how to determine the Lucky Element in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. If you know the lucky element, then you can predict people's fortune correctly.

How to Read the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart

The Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart is built from the birthday and birth time using Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. The calendar is the solar calendar. It's related to only the sun, not moon or stars. The Chinese calendar of Day is same to the calendar of the sun . The center point of the birth chart is the element of the Day Column. It's called the Day Master.

The following are the explanation of the symbols in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart.

  • The 1st row is the Ten Gods of the Stems.
  • The 2nd row is the Heavenly Stems.
  • The 3rd row is the Earthly Branches.
  • The 4th row is the hidden Stems in the Branches in Chinese.
  • The 5th row is the hidden Stems in the Branches in symbols.
  • The 6th row of the 12 Life Stages.
  • The 7th row of the Ten Gods of the hidden Stems in Chinese.
  • The 8th row of the Ten Gods of the hidden Stems in symbols.

The Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart is an application for Yin-Yang Five Elements. In order to master the Chinese Astrology is required to know the characteristics of Five Elements. For example, seasons have relationship with Five Elements. Spring is favorable to Wood. Summer is favorable to Fire. Autumn is favorable to Metal and winter is favorable to Water. This is an important factor to determine the strength of the Day Master and the Lucky Elements in the birth chart.

In order to analyze the birth chart faster and predict the future easier, then learning Stem-Branch and Ten Gods will be quite helpful. For example, since Water helps Tree to group, Water is the Mother Element of Wood. Then Water is connected to the parents or someone supports or educates you. Since Metal can chop the Wood, Metal brings the pressure on Wood. Then Metal is related to the career or your job.

The following are Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart studying cases. You can learn how to determine a strong or weak Day Master by examining the Stem-Branch attractive or fighting relationships. After choosing the Lucky Elements, you can predict the fortune in each Major Cycles. Using 10-God relationship, you can guess what will happen during each Major Cycles.

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