Dr. Tien-Shen Hsu - The Secret of Healing Cancer

Dr. Tien-Shen Hsu is a medical doctor and psychiatrist in Taiwan. His specialty is to treat cancer patients using the Seth philosophy to extend their life without giving any prescription medicine. He repeatedly tells people that disease is a symptom of inner imbalance and conflict. Any treatment of disease, must ultimately be based on the restoration of "mental, physical and spiritual balance" through constant self-study, self-awareness and enlightenment. Dr. Hsu, born in 1968, has studied "Seth Material" almost 30 years. He find the meaning of the life when he read the book of Seth Speaks:The Eternal Validity of the Soul in high school.

He is the founder of the Taiwan Seth Culture and Education Foundation, with branches throughout Asia. Because of his many miraculous clinic cases, people donate a land to build Seth Village in Taiwan for members and his students to study Seth Material and for cancer patients to fight their life.

Body-Mind-Spirit Treatment

According to Seth philosophy, human body has self-healing power. Many diseases come from negative energy. Focusing negative worry, blaming, suffering, remorse, guilt, anxiety, doubts and fear will generate negative energy. If a person suppresses those feelings without releasing from their emotion, then the disease will appear. Therefore, we need to realize that if we are focusing on the negative development and believe that things will certainly go towards the wrong direction. Our body is the mirror of our soul. We create our own reality from our mind and soul.

It's very important to trust our own authority, treasure the value of our life and focus our idea life. Otherwise, the negative personality will not let go of the cancer.  Even if a cancer person cured by medical treatments and cannot change his negative thinking pattern, then the cancer will reactivate sooner or later.

We also need to honor our body and trust our emotions. They can do the miracle work. All emotions come from love. We should love our body and receive love from others. The power of love can remove all negative thoughts to regain our healthy and joyful body.

Dr. Hsu says he doesn't have any medical treatment solution for cancer patients. But he can teach a cancer patient to have more meaningful days in the rest of his or her life. He never tells patients to stop medical treatments. He might advice cancer patients for medical treatment to release the pains.

Dr. Hsu is frequently invited to speak in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, USA and Canada. Some of his old stories are at  http://drhsu.seth101.com/category/glory-of-life/. His recent speeches are posted on http://sethtv.org.tw/, which unfortunately is a Chinese website. YouTube.com has many his speeches in Chinese. The following video have English translation.

2011 Speech at New York (The theory to Heal Diseases)

The Most Powerful Way to Healing Cancer (from CD Audio: Cancer Is Not an Incurable Disease)

Two of his books are translated into English.
The first one is The Secret to Healing Cancer. The second one is A Guide to Enlightened Parenting.

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