Five Elements, Health, Disease, and Cancer

Since 1999, we got many emails from people who are worried about their relative health status. They tried to find some clues from Chinese astrology to help the one they love. In general, Chinese astrology is from the theory of Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Fire), which cannot give us too much health detail information as modern medical science. However, traditional Chinese astrology has its theory to analyze people's health conditions. Basically, people have health issues when their Five Elements are too much out of balance or their Five Elements have a ferocious fighting relationship.

Therefore, the first thing we have to know is our Five Elements inside the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. If the scores of Five Elements are not evenly distributed, then we say Five Elements are out of balance. The element is called too weak when its score is less than 60. The element is called too strong when its score is greater than 180. Those too weak or too strong elements have more chances to cause a health problem.

When will the health problem trigger? We need to find the answer from the Chinese astrological 10-year Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle. When Five Elements of Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle mix with the Five Elements of the Birth Chart. The combinations (scores) of Five Element are changed. The new Five Element relationships will occur. When an element gets hurt, then the disease connected to that element will appear.

The following chart is the relationship between the Five Elements and the human body's organs. Chinese herbal medicine theory uses the same method to provide proper treatment to patients.

Five Elements System Organ Emotion
Wood Nervous Liver, Gall, Eyes, Tendon Anger
Fire Cardiovascular/Circulatory Heart, Small Intestine, Tongue, Blood Happy
Earth Digestive Spleen, Stomach, Mouth, Muscle Worry
Metal Respiratory Lungs, Large Intestine, Nose, Skin Sad
Water Excretory/Urinary Kidneys, Bladder, Ears, Bone Fear

Also, the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart provides the clues of disease location. The Year Column is connected to the head. The Month Column is connected to the chest. The Day Column is connected to the stomach. The Hour Column is connected to the abdomen or legs. The Year and Month Column are connected to the left side of the body. The Day and Hour Column are connected to the right side of the body. The Stem of the Birth Chart is connected to the front side of the body or skin. The Branch of the Birth Chart is connected to the rear side of the body or internal organs.

These are good clues for Chinese herbal medical doctors to find the precise remedy to care about chronic diseases. They also are good tips for health-keeping experts to maintain their good health. For acute disease, most people will go to see western doctors. In most cases, doctors can pinpoint the reason cause the disease, then provide treatment for patients. Unfortunately, no every disease has a cure-all medicine for it. Sometimes a person's life is threatened because of a late diagnosis or erroneous diagnosis. Then they might want to know any luck with their health from astrology.

In Chinese astrology, if a Birth Chart has many Hurting and Separation relationships, then the person will be easy to get sick. When the weak element of Day Master encounters strong Career Stars and Child Stars from astrological cycles, then the person should have lots of pressure from health. If the Lucky Element of the Birth Chart is destroyed by its enemy elements, then the disease might become fatal. If Stem Fighting relationships and Branch Fighting relationships exist everywhere in the Year, Month, Day, and Hour columns, then the Birth Chart will collapse. Chinese astrology has a theory to give patients a clue about where to find the right doctor. But, Chinese astrology doesn't provide any direct treatment information to help the person to recover health. Therefore, whenever we have an illness, we should see the doctor, not astrology.

If a person has a fatal disease, such as cancer, no one cannot guarantee his or her survival. According to cancer statistics, the survival rate of pancreas cancer after five years is about 6%. The rate of liver and lung cancer is about 15%. Stomach cancer is about 28%. We often heard that someone had only 3 to 6 months left after cancer was first diagnosed. Most of the people will be shocked, anger and fear to face the days to come when the doctor announced the cancer is the last stage.

If the doctor has announced the verdict, then that means there is no medicine that can save a patient's life from the doctor's medical knowledge. But a few people can still survive more than 6 months, even longer. No matter those survived patients receive the doctor's suggested treatment or not, they must adopt additional alternative treatments - special nutrition diet, fitness exercise, mental therapy, pain management, spiritual support, and changing the entire living habit.

There are two alternative approaches worthy to recommend to people. These are supplement methods. Cancer patients should continue to follow the treatments from their doctors.

Ping Shuai Gong

Ping Shuai Gong is a very simple exercise invented by Taiwanese Qi-Gong master Feng-Shan Li. It has been promoted to more than 44 countries in the world. Ping Shuai Gong can help people to maintain good health by exercising only 30 minutes a day. By increasing the exercising time, our body will begin to bring up self-healing capability after 60 minutes. If we can insist on the exercise 90-120 minutes a day, then the miraculous result will happen on the body after a couple of months. Ping Shuai Gong is known to cure many ailments including cancer with many reported successful cases in Taiwan.

Body-Mind-Spirit Treatment by Dr. Tien-Shen Hsu

Dr. Tien-Shen Hsu is a family doctor and psychiatrist in Taiwan. He has studied "Seth Material" for almost 30 years since high school. He treats many mental and physical illnesses using Seth's concepts and principles without any prescription drug. As a result of Dr. Hsu's aid, many people have dramatically improved or healed themselves.

Dr. Hsu mentioned many clinical cases in his lectures. Most of the cancer cases are because of the negative energy inside the patient's body. He helps people to find, correct and remove their negative thinking.

Many negatives are from improper relationships from family, love, relatives, or friends at home or work. Those negatives bring people pressure, depression, stress, or despair. If people suppressed their emotions without releasing them, then those distorted emotions trigger the illness.

When the negative thinking is removed and the universe's positive energy moves into the body, then a human's self-healing power will create a miraculous result. That's why patients can cure their disease by themselves. So we need the faith that we can create our own reality - the positive energy can bring back good health.

When our body is unable to recover from medical treatments, our mind should ask our soul to bring up all energy to fight for survival to continue our journey in this world. If there is no solution on the body side, then we still have an opportunity on the spiritual side.

Dr. Hsu has one book, The Secret to Healing Cancer at Amazon. People have severe illness should read the book.

Disclaimer: The information or material posted here is provided for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.