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Jensen Huang Chinese Horoscope - When Buy NVIDIA Stock

In 2024, NVIDIA, a company valued at over 2 trillion dollars, ascended to become the third most valuable company globally. Remarkably, NVIDIA's stock price surged from $229 on March 10, 2023, to over $926 on March 7, 2024, reflecting an impressive 300% increase in just a year. Now, many investors are contemplating how long NVIDIA can maintain this rapid pace of growth.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, was born on February 17, 1963, in Taiwan. Born in the year of the Black Rabbit, he is known for his preference for wearing a black jacket. As of March 2024, Huang ranks among the top 20 richest individuals globally, with a net worth of $75.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Considering his horoscope might offer insights into the longevity of his prosperous streak, which could inform decisions regarding buying or selling NVIDIA stocks.

Jensen Huang's Birth Chart

February 17, 1963, marked as Yin-Metal Rabbit day of the Yang-Wood Tiger month in the Yin-Water Rabbit year. The Yin-Metal of the Day represents Jensen Huang himself, known as the Day-Master in Chinese astrology.

The Zodiac Rabbit and Tiger belong to the Wood group, which is associated with Jensen's finances. This is because the Metal element of the Day-Master is capable of chopping wood. The Tiger represents Yang-Wood, symbolizing a tall tree and linked to Jensen's properties or wealth. On the other hand, the Rabbit represents Yin-Wood, symbolizing grass or leaves and connected to money or windfall gains. With the Yin-Metal of the Day-Master surrounded by financial energies, Jensen must conquer financial challenges to accumulate significant wealth. Otherwise, life may become difficult due to financial hardships.

Birth Chart of February 17, 1963 at 2:00 am


Yin Earth

Yin Metal
Day Master

Yang Wood

Yin Water
Late LifeMarriage LifeAdulthoodChildhood

The Yin-Metal definitely requires significant assistance and strong protection to contend with Wood. Jensen should be born around 2:00 am in the early morning, during the Yin-Earth Ox hour. Yin-Earth serves as the mother element for the Day-Master. The Zodiac Ox also belongs to the Earth group, symbolizing Jensen's parents, mentors, support, protection, and education. The Yin-Earth and Yang-Wood of the Month mutually attract each other, forming an Earth energy. This suggests that benefactors are consistently available to aid and guide him in financial matters.

Additionally, the harmonious relationship between the Ox and Tiger forms another Earth energy, indicating Jensen's strong interpersonal connections and excellent relationships with people. He prefers investing his funds in acquiring knowledge, technology, patents, and properties to foster growth and ensure protection.

The Yin-Water of the Year is linked to his outlook, expressions, talents, creativity, performance, and enjoyment. This suggests he excels at conveying ideas to others, thereby generating lucrative opportunities.

Additionally, Yin-Water serves as the Food Star to the Yin-Metal of the Day Master in Chinese astrology, indicating that Jensen is a gourmet who delights in fine cuisine. He often frequents night markets upon visiting Taiwan, eager to enjoy his favorite dishes. In Taiwan, many investors hold NVIDIA stocks, contributing to Jensen Huang's esteemed reputation and popularity in the region.

Next, we will study his 10-Year Major Cycles. Remember that Earth is associated with benefactors and Metal with friends, both of which are lucky elements for Jensen Huang. Fire is linked to pressure or career, and with the protection of Earth, it symbolizes a blooming career.

Jensen Huang's Growth and Education

The first Major Cycle, from 1967 to 1976, is the Yin-Water Ox . Yin-Water is associated with his expression, talents, and performance. The Ox belongs to the Earth group, representing parents, teachers, and education. This indicates receiving care and guidance from parents. Jensen showcased his talent and brilliance at an early age.

From 1977 to 1986, starting at the age of 14, Jensen entered the Yang-Water Rat . The Rat belongs to the Water group, which makes Jensen's Day-Master sparkling and bright. The Rat and the Ox of the Hour are attracted to each other, forming an Earth energy combination. This indicates encountering excellent mentors in school, receiving a good education, and excelling in academics.

Nvidia's Start-Up

From 1987 to 1996, starting at the age of 24, Jensen entered the Yin-Metal Pig . Yin-Metal is associated with friends, siblings, or peers. The Pig belongs to the Water group, associated with ideas, brainstorming, planning, and talents. In 1992, Jensen obtained a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

1993 was the year of the Yin-Water Rooster . The Rooster in the Zodiac is in the Metal group, related to friends and income. He founded NVIDIA, starting with just $40,000. Working tirelessly day and night, in 1995, Jensen launched the first product, NV1, which sold poorly due to design flaws, nearly leading to bankruptcy. 1995 was the year of the Yin-Wood Pig . Wood represents pressure from financial matters, while the Water of the Pig is linked to the headache of working out a solution. Fortunately, the Japanese company SEGA provided assistance in overcoming this difficult period.

Nvidia's Growth

From 1997 to 2006, starting at the age of 34, Jensen entered the Yang-Metal Dog . Yang-Metal is linked to an axe, sword, or strong wind. It is also associated with powerful friends or business partners. The axe can easily chop wood, symbolizing the ability to bring in wealth. The Dog belongs to Earth, akin to a tall mountain Earth, which supports Yin-Metal. This signifies receiving praise from supporters and capital from investors.

The Dog and Rabbit are attracted to each other, forming the energy of Fire. Fire is connected to Jensen's career or a booming business. In 1999, NVIDIA's GPU sales were excellent, and the company went public. Jensen Huang's net worth soared to as much as $500 million, earning him recognition as an outstanding technology entrepreneur of the year. From 2002 to 2008, NVIDIA merged with several related businesses to expand its patent portfolio and the scope of its technological ventures.

Jensen Huang's Career Challenges

From 2007 to 2016, starting at the age of 44, Jensen entered the Yin-Earth Rooster . Yin-Earth and Yang-Wood of the Month are attracted together, forming a stronger Earth energy. Wealth and reputation come together, with benefactors and financial backers investing jointly, leaving no worries.

The Rooster is connected to Yin-Metal, indicating a sign of wealth accumulation. The relationship between the Rooster and Rabbit is tense. However, the Rooster and Ox have a harmonious relationship due to the Metal connection. The Ox acts as a bank vault, indicating wealth flows in. Popularity gradually rises, and wealth is quietly accumulated.

From 2007 to 2008, two of NVIDIA's chips overheated, affecting sales. In 2008, net income experienced negative growth. 2008 was the Yang-Earth Rat year . The Water of the Rat impacted the reputation. After 2010, NVIDIA stabilized and experienced steady growth. In 2007, Jensen Huang's CEO compensation was $24 million. He was ranked as the 61st highest-paid CEO in the United States. In 2008, he donated $30 million to Stanford University's School of Engineering.

Nvidia Leading AI technology

From 2017 to 2026, starting at the age of 54, Jensen entered the Yang-Earth Monkey . Yang-Earth is associated with a tall mountain, connected to investors and supporters. Yang-Earth and Yin-Water of the Year are attracted to each other, forming Fire energy. This implies that a strong reputation paves the way for a flourishing career.

The Monkey represents Yang-Metal, attracted to the Yin-Wood of the Rabbit . Their combination forms additional Metal energy. The Zodiac Rabbit accompanies the Monkey. Yang-Metal can be strong winds in autumn. The Rabbits represent Yin Wood leaves, symbolizing wealth. Like autumn winds sweeping leaves, wealth doubles. The multiple harmonious relationships indicate that Jensen Huang maintains exceptional public relations and interpersonal connections.

In 2018, he pioneered the global release of the first AI chip designed for robots. In 2022, he donated $50 million to his alma mater, Oregon State University. In 2023, AI ChatGPT suddenly became popular, and at NVIDIA's conference, Jensen announced that NVIDIA's AI chips and various AI application software were ready for the coming AI era. The stock price soared. NVIDIA stock more than tripled its value from $208 to $639 in 2023, the Yin-Water Rabbit year .

2024: Jensen Huang's Best of the Year

2024 is the Year of the Yang-Wood Dragon . The Yang-Wood, associated with money, and the Yin-Earth of the Hour are attracted together, forming the energy of Earth. Since Earth represents support or resources, this implies that money becomes an investment to support Jensen Huang.

The Zodiac Dragon belongs to the Earth group. The Dragon, Rabbit, and Tiger together form an extremely strong Wood energy. It indicates a significant burden on Jensen Huang, requiring him to manage the cash flow carefully. He will likely make more investments in new technology for the market. He told Stanford students that success requires ample doses of pain and suffering. Luckily, the Monkey of the Major Cycle belongs to the Metal group, associated with his business partners, helping him manage financial matters.

NVIDIA has announced a $30 billion investment in a new business unit focused on customized chips for cloud computing clients. With harmonious alignments in his birth chart, he is always warmly welcomed wherever he goes. He can smoothly navigate business collaborations due to his strong public appeal.

In 2024, Nvidia is anticipated to ship 2 million H100 units, potentially generating a minimum revenue of $50 billion. On March 7, Nvidia's share price stood at $926 apiece, representing about a 100 percent rise in 2024. NVIDIA should reach $1,000 soon in the Year of the Dragon. How long will NVIDIA's stock price continue to rise? The answer is pretty easy from an astrology perspective. The reason Jensen can accumulate massive wealth is because of the Monkey in the current Major Cycle, which spans from 2017 to 2026. This implies that NVIDIA will continue to grow remarkably until 2026.

Jensen Huang and Nvidia Future

From 2027 to 2036, starting at the age of 64, he entered the Yin-Fire Goat . Yin-Fire signifies career pressure or organizational authority. Although the Earth of the Hour protects the Day-Master, facing new challenges is inevitable.

The Goat belongs to Earth, related to his support. However, the Goat and Rabbit encounter each other, forming additional Wood energy. Jensen Huang will be making some donations to different causes such as charity, research, or education. Without Metal, NVIDIA's net profit margin won't be as good as during the Monkey cycle.

Jensen Huang's Marriage

Jensen Huang keeps his family life low-key. The Yin-Metal of the Day-Master represents Jensen Huang, and the zodiac sign underneath is linked to his spouse. It's possible that he got married in 1986, Yang-Fire Tiger . Yang-Fire and the Day-Master are attracted to each other, and the Tiger and the Rabbit have a harmonious vibe, indicating a romantic relationship.

Another possibility is 1988, Yang-Earth Dragon . The Monthly Zodiac is related to his parents. Yang-Earth and Yin-Water are attracted to each other. The Dragon, Rabbit, and Tiger together form an extremely strong Wood energy, associated with females or his spouse. That implies a strong love relationship. His friends and family were very happy with the marriage.

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