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The Food Star of Ten Gods in Chinese Zodiac

The Food Star is the child element of the Day Master. The gender of the Food Star and the Day Master is the same. Artist, Chef, Gourmet, Writer, Shi-Shen, Eating God, God of Cookery are the nicknames of Food Star.

The Day Master in the Chinese Zodiac is the upper row element of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. In order to analyze the Chinese Zodiac Bazi Birth Chart easier, ancient Chinese fortune tellers assigned ten relationship names between 10 elements. These ten relationship names are called Ten Gods.

Food Star is Gourmet, Shi-Shen, Artist

The child element whose gender same as Day Master is called Food Star. The Chinese Name is called Shi-Shen . Shi means eating, improper, deputy, or substitute. Shen means god, magic, master or expert. Shi-Shen is connected to the master of cookery, gourmet, gourmand, or chef.

The child element whose gender is different from Day Master is called Performer Star or Shang-Guan .

Fire is the Child element of Wood. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yang Fire in the birth chart is called Food Star. If Day Master is Yin Wood, then Yin Fire in the birth chart is the Food Star. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yin Fire in the birth chart is called Performer Star.

The Food Star is the Child Element of Day Master. Therefore, the Food Star is something out of you. It is connected to your expression, outlook, creativity, acting, talking, drawing, writing, intelligence, emotion, devotion, literature, speech, etc. The Food Star is connected to the younger generation, subordinates, artists, musicians, attorneys, writers, religionists, economists, dancers, chefs, singers, etc. The Food Star is also connected to a man's son-in-law or woman's daughter.

The Food Star is the Mother Element of Windfall Star. So the Food Star can bring up the Windfall Star, which is easy money. The Food Star people are willing to spend easy money on living, such as food, clothes, housing, transportation, and entertainment. Usually, the person is kind of overweight, if the Food Star is a strong Lucky Element. This is because people with many Food Stars can get more relaxed and they feel more freedom to enjoy the food than most people. The Food Star is the Child Element of Day Master. It will weaken the strength of Day Master. But this child element brings the food to feed the Day Master.

The Food Star is afraid of the Guardian Star. If the Guardian Star is next to the Food Star, the living supplies will be shortened because Guardian Star will steal Food of Day Master. If there is only one Food Star close to a Guardian Star, then the person won't be well taken care of by his parents. If the Food Star has other fighting or hurting relationship coming from the astrological cycles, then the person will become poor, or even die young. This is true when the Food Star is the Lucky Element. When the Lucky Element is attacked, the person will have no luck.

Too many Food Stars can weaken the Day Master. In this case, the person might not have good health and they might have less relationship with parents. If a Guardian Star appears in the birth chart, then the person will become a fortunate person. This is because the Guardian Star now is the Lucky Element to support the Day Master.

The Food Star is connected to kindness and the Mother Star is connected to care. When Food and Mother Stars are together in the birth chart, people are full of compassion of love. They can understand people feeling well. They like to take care of the animals. They can be a good teacher. But they have less chance to become rich.

A person has lots of energy to enjoy the eating and entertainment if both Mother Elements and Food Star are strong in his strong birth chart. There is a chance for this kind of people becoming a big boss or a big wheel.

A person with too many Food Stars will have too much imagination, fantasy, and emotion. They focus on too much spiritual world and are reluctant to face the reality. They don't want to follow the traditional rules and law. They want the complete freedom to do whatever they want. If the Day Master is weak without a Mother element, they will laugh loudly when they are happy and will cry loudly when they are sad. Also, they will talk to themselves. It happens to most of the girls.

The Difference between Food Star and Performer Star

Both Food Star and Performer Star are the Child element of Day Master. Both of them are connected to expression, performance, outlook, talent, and intelligence. But The Food Star pays more attention to the process. Food Star shows more gentle, moderate, kind, humble, modest, and polite characteristics. Performer Star pays more attention to the result. Performer Star shows more aggressive, offensive, dictatorial, domineering, overbearing, arrogant, fashionable, and unleashing characteristics.

Food Star people can have impromptu dancing or other performances. They will enjoy the process of performance. The Performer Star people can do the same performance. But they focus on the quality of their performance. They concern more about competition and reputation.

Food Star is an artist or writer. The Performer Star is an actor, movie star, or business person. Many Performer Star people are good-looking and like to show off a luxury lifestyle.

If a person has too many Food Stars in the astrological birth chart, then his or her personality will go to the Performer Star side. Therefore, it sometimes is hard to distinguish the personality between the Food Star and Performer Star. In this case, Chinese astrology treats all Food Stars as Performer Stars.

Meanings of Food Star in the BaZi Birth Chart

Basically, if Food Star is the Lucky Element, the person will have more opportunities to eat the fine food and have better money luck than ordinary people. If the Food Star is next to the strong Day Master, then the person must be a good healthy, good-temper, multi-talents, intelligent, and good-looking person.

If the Food Star is the unlucky element, then the person will become lazy. They hate to work hard and might not want to get on a fixed and proper job. They like spending money for themselves and don't think about saving money. Also, they might become miser, if too many Food Stars are in the birth chart. They show their inside emotions to people and like to talk about their unrealistic idea to people. They cannot keep the secret in their heart. They are too optimistic about handling the business. It has difficulty building a successful business. They are sensitive about their reputation. With their stubborn personality, sometimes, they will do something beyond their capabilities in order to show off themselves or save face. When they flaunt themselves at the wrong time, people will give them a negative reputation. Since too many Food Stars make people weak, the person might have a neurasthenia problem. All these shortcomings are the same as the negative signs of Performer Star Show off money.

If the Day Master is weak and the Food Star is strong, then the person won't have a healthy body. They have little cleverness in trivial matters and like to show off themselves. People feel their talents from the first impression. But they will lose their reputations in the long run because they don't have solid and profound content in their speeches. When Day Master becomes stronger by the support from Mother and Friend Star from the astrological cycles, they can show more their wisdom and talents to people to earn the real reputation and even wealth.

Mixing Food Star and Performer Star

A Day Master might be weak when both Food Stars and Performer Stars appear in the birth chart. If the Day Master is weak, they always have trouble running their own business. They might borrow money from others or banks to start the business. They are used to overestimating their talent and limitation. They will have poor health when overworking themselves. But if the Day Master is strong with a Mother element, then they have a good chance to succeed in business development.

With weak Day Master with mixing Food and Performer stars, people usually don't have good money luck whenever they have the financial investment.

If the Food and Performer Stars together are too strong, then they will hurt the Career Star. The Career Star is connected to the husband of a woman. In this case, a woman has trouble owning a good marriage or she will give too much pressure on her husband. That implies her words and behaviors often hurt a man's dignity.

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By Master Allen Tsai on November 11, 2021

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