Tai Chi swordsmanship and Wu Dang swordsmanship are famous skill in fencing. Most of Tai Chi Chuan masters can teach Tai Chi swordsmanship. Shaolin Kung Fu has to learn from Shaolin monks. Wu Dang swordsmanship has to learn from Wu Dang Taoists. Using the Wu Dang swordsmanship or Tai Chi swordsmanship, the left hand always holds index finger and middle finger up. They said that's a hand-sword in the mind.

Wu Dang Swordsmanship

The actress in the Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger movie used the Wu Dang swordsmanship. She kept her two fingers up, even during the fighting.

According Chinese novels, to learn Shaolin Kung Fu needs one step at a time. Taoists have good knowledge about universe energy and body internal chi. They have smarter ways to discipline Kung Fu skill A young Taoist might have an excellent Wu Dang Kung Fu.

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