The religion for most Chinese today is mixing Buddhism and Taoism (Daoism) together. Buddhism was imported from India. Taoism is Chinese domestic. Yin Yang Tai Chi is the symbol of Taoism. Kung Fu from Buddhism side is Shaolin. Martial arts from Taoism side is Wu Dang.

Yin Yang World - Wu Dang Tai Chi

Shaolin Monks are tonsure. Wu Dang Taoists have hair. Shaolin Monks are vegetarian. Many of Wu Dang Taoists are omnivore. Shaolin Monks cultivate their soul and mind. Wu Dang Taoists takes care body before mind. Shaolin Monks are good at fists. Wu Dang Taoists are good at swords. In Chinese Kung Fu movies, a Wu Dang swordsman usually becomes the opponent of a Shaolin monk. More Wu Dang Tai Chi Sword Continue...

The founder of Wu Dang School is Zhang San Feng. All Chinese Kung Fu novels say Zhang San Feng invested the Tai Chi Chuan. The historians don't agree that, they wonder Zhang San Feng might live more than 200 years.

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