What is the Meaning of Yin and Yang?

Yin and Yang are the basic elements to form the universe. The concept of Yin Yang is from I-Ching philosophy. What is the Yang? Yang is light, sun, daytime, sunny day, expanding, growing, sky, thumb, palm, odd numbers, single, head, man, boy etc. What is the Yin? Yin is dark, night, moon, rainy day, contracting, withering, earth, fingers, back of the hand, slow movement, even numbers, pairs, legs, woman, girl etc. Odd numbers are Yang. Even numbers are Yin. One is Yang, two is Yin. Yang is in the front of Yin. Quick movement is Yang and slow movement is Yin. The right hand is Yang and the left hand is Yin to a right-handed person. The right hand is Yin and the left hand is Yang to a left-handed person.

Yin and Yang are opposite, interchangeable, and inseparable. Yang has Yin inside. Yin has Yang inside. Yin and Yang cannot survive alone. Yin is unable to give birth without Yang. Yang is unable to grow without Yin. Yin and Yang should be treated as one identity. Yin and Yang is one object with two sides or surfaces. Yin Yang is not two separable objects.

Yin and Yang are not static. They are dynamically flowing all the time. Yin and Yang flow simultaneously. One is other’s shadow. Yin and Yang have quantum entanglement relationship. They are interchangeable.

Yin Yang always presents in a round shape. Yin and Yang travel smoothly on the round track. One chases the other without conflict. They don't hurt each other. Actually, they work together. This is one of the natural laws of the universe.

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Yin Yang Eyes have ability to see bright and dark sides of human and spiritual worlds.

Yin and Yang are the basic elements of the universe. Yin and Yang are applied down to the Earth. Every living thing on the Earth can be related to Yin Yang. Human has been studying Yin Yang for thousands of years. The Yin Yang Symbol is called Tai Chi diagram in China. Today, people are still interesting on Tai Chi diagram. We can find Yin Yang Symbol on the clothes, decoration, art works, medicine, martial arts, movies, tattoo, astrology, even drink and food. Here we show what people think about their Yin Yang. Hopefully, these can inspire you to invent your own Yin Yang symbol for your interest.

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