Lee Gui-Lian (Siccsa-Lotus) was lonely wife, drank wine and make love with young man in the night of Mid-Fall Moon Festival, while her husband Mr. Zhang traveled for business to SichuanProvince (state). The Goddess of Moon was very upset about they profaned the moon festival and sued them to the King of Hell and wanted to bring them to the hell for punishment.

Lee Cui-Lian suddenly died in a windy, rainy and thundering night. She was punished to do the carrying water, very hardship labor job. She wished have a chance to see her husband one more time.

Yin Yang River Opera

When Mr. Zhang arrived the Feng-City (ghost town). He saw one girl just like her wife, fetching water with buckets at riverside. Hotelkeeper told him the girl is called Lee Gui-Lian, who married to the ghost officer recently. She was a bad girl and was punished to the hardship at Yin Yang River. Since the girl ghost had the same name with his wife. Mr. Zhang went to meet her.

Soon later, the ghost officer came back. Lee Gui-Lian told her ghost husband that Mr. Zhang is her brother. The ghost officer prepared wine to treat his relative. After drinking, ghost officer knew Mr. Zhang was her ex-husband. Lee Gui-Lian was cheating. The ghost officer called ghost soldier to bring her to the hell. Mr. Zhang escaped with a Yin Yang Box, which was a gift from an old man.

The other version is that Lee Cui-Lain has a lover, but her parents arranged he marriage to a rich family. So she killed herself and was punished to carrying water at Yin Yang River. Happy Ending Version of Lee Cui-Lain....

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