Pig Chinese Zodiac 2019 Predictions: Characteristics and Traits

Baby Personality - Born in 2019 Year of Pig

2019 is the Chinese Zodiac Brown Pig year. The first day of the 2019 zodiac year is on February 4, 2019. This day is different from Chinese New Year Day, February 5, 2019. The baby born on or after February 4, 2019 will be a Pig baby. Chinese Zodiac Pig is the 12th animal symbol in the Chinese horoscopes. Pig is ranked the last aninal in Chinese zodiacs since Pig doesn't like to compete with other animals. Pig is considered a lucky animal in the Chinese zodiacs. When people are interested on someone born in the Pig year, people like to know the personality from the Chinese zodiac Pig's traits. Here will explain Pig's characteristics using Chinese Five Elements Theory.

What are the characteristics of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac?

Pig's characteristics are smart, knowledgeable, sociable, understanding, trusting, loyal, sturdy, persistent, hardworking, composed, striking and popular. Pig also can be judgmental, self-indulgent, gullible, impatient, or irritable.

Pig has a very friendly personality. It's easy for Pig to get along with others. Pig likes to help people. But sometimes people think Pig interferes their business.

Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine. It doesn't care the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle. Although it doesn't care about a dirty environment, Pig still likes a clean place close itself. Since Pig cares about itself and focuses on tiny things, people feel Pig is kind of selfish. When against its interest, Pig is quite difficult to negotiate with others.

Pig is the last animal of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. Pig is connected to the Female Water. In Chinese Five Elements Theory, Water is connected to wisdom. Female Water people usually can provide opposite suggestion to others. They can see and learn things from different angles. They have good memory. People will respect their knowledge. Therefore, Pig is considered as a smart animal with wisdom.

Pig month is November. It's the beginning month of winter. Therefore, Pig is the cold Water in the winter. When too cold, Water won't help plants to grow. Cold water can be destructive, offensive and encroaching.

Therefore, Pig has dual personalities. Sometimes, Pig has dark-side thinking for itself. It might have some negative minds when encountering the troubles. It will become impatient, irritable and stubborn. When things go wrong, then it will regret its decision. Therefore, Pig people need more outdoor activities to receive the bath of the sunshine.

Pig people don't care too much about wealth when they are young. They will find the solution when they need money. They earn money hard way. But they can live well in the late age.

What's the most compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs with Pig?

The most compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs to Pig is the Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep. Pig and Tiger have attraction relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. Tiger can have peaceful love relationship with pig. Rabbit can live in harmony with Pig. Sheep can become be a great companion for Pig.

What's the most incompatible Chinese Zodiac Signs with Pig?

Snake and Pig have fighting relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. Snake will have constant conflicts with Pig. The next incompatible Zodiac symbols are Monkey and Pig. Pig will constantly create pressure and conflicts with Monkey. Pig cannot stand another Pig’s judgmental and irritable nature.

What are the career choices for Chinese zodiac Pig?

That's depending on Pig's personality. If zodiac Pig with strong personality likes to pursue an ideal career, then the career choices are civil engineering, mining, farming, raising livestock, real estate construction or sales, building material, interior design, exterior design, landscaping, nursery, gardening, porcelain, glass making and selling, demolition, warehousing, sports like track racing and rock climbing, funeral services, recycle, etc.

If zodiac Pig with strong personality likes to pursue wealth, then the career choices are electric engineering, electronic, computer, semi-conductor, laser, fuel, gas company, firearm, firework, cigarette, welding, porcelain, glass making, cooking, restaurant, food processing, lighting, photography, movie production, etc.

If zodiac Pig has weak personality, then mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, machinery, manufacture, transportation equipment, health care equipment, surgeon, technicians, appliances, military, security, internet network, financial industry, banks, stock trading, trust, investment, exchange, music instruments, TV, video games, etc.

Chinese Zodiacs for the people or baby born in 2019

2019 is the year of the Female Earth Pig . Female Earth is connected to wet soild, farmland or flatland. Pig is in the Water group. 2019 is a wet farmland and the year of Brown Pig.

The Zodiac Pig will be strategic, analytical and smart. The Pig child is likely to grow up in a well protected and well provided environment. Pig people won't have major ups and downs in life.

The Zodiac Earth Pig will excel in financial or business related careers, especially those require complex analysis and planning. A routine job may be too boring for Zodiac Pig. The more challenging and exciting the work environment is, the more motivated Zodiac Pig will be. They will work hard and accumulate wealth gradually. They can enjoy a prosperous and comfortable living at old age.

Earth Pig people have a good relationship with their spouse or partner. Earth Pig may not have close relationship with their family and relatives, and will not get help from them. Pig's children may be more problematic when they are young.

The very good compatible Chinese zodiac years for companion or marriage are

  • 2010 - The White Metal Tiger Year
  • 2011 - The White Metal Rabbit Year
  • 2020 - The White Metal Rat Year

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