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2005 Chinese Moon Festival

2016 Chinese Mid-autumn Moon Festival

When is the 2005 Chinese Moon Festival?

The date of Chinese Moon Festival (a.k.a. Mid-autumn Festival) is on the 15th moon day of 8th Chinese lunar month (Chicken month). The new moon day is the first day of a Chinese Lunar Month. Since the first day of 8th lunar month is 9-04-2005, the Moon Festival is on 9-18-2005 in China time zone. But the Moon Festival is on 9-17-2005 in USA time zones, since the new moon day is on 9-03-2005.

Time Zone Longitude New Moon Date & Time The 15th moon day Full Moon Date & Time
China East 120 09-04-05 02:45 a.m. 09-18-05 09-18-05 10:02 a.m.
EST (USA) West 75 09-03-05 13:45 p.m. 09-17-05 09-17-05 21:02 p.m.
PST (USA) West 120 09-03-05 10:45 a.m. 09-17-05 09-17-05 18:02 p.m.
Time is the standard time, not the day-light saving time.

Year 2005, the Chinese Moon Festival is on the full moon day. The full moon time is in the morning in China. The full moon time is in at night in USA. That means people in USA can enjoy to watch the full moon while eating moon cakes in the night of the Chinese Moon Festival.

The Moon Festival is a holiday in China. It's an occasion for family reunion. Chinese families like to get together to eat the moon cakes and watch the moon at the Moon Festival night. For the people are out of town or for Chinese are from China stay in USA, they miss their family or the lover at home and share the same moon at the night of the Moon Festival before the Internet gets popular.

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