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Chinese Fortune Calendar Online provides free simple Chinese astrology on the web since 1999. To display a Chinese Astrology Chart from the Internet takes many calculation steps from Chinese calendar conversion to astrology rules behind the scene. That causes the calendar database in web server side couldn't handle too many hits in the same time before 2001. We were forced to change database structures to improve better performance. In 2002, there are more than 3,000 unique visitors a day during regular months. The web site CPU power barely supports the current traffic today and was overloaded during the Chinese New Year's period for past three years. (more than 20,000 visitors on Chinese New Year's Day in 2002)

In order to provide extensive and advanced Chinese astrology tools, we need to move complicate programming logic and longer calculation pieces off line. Therefore, we made the following products for people really interesting in Chinese Astrology or calendars.

Chinese Astrology Software and Tools

Chinese Fortune Angel (Premium Version)  

Enhances Fortune Angel components. Adds Welcome page for Daily, Monthly and Yearly Five Element Charts. Includes Feng Shui Match, Western Zodiac Match, Cycle of Love and True Solar Time conversion.
Chinese Farmer's Calendar (300 Years)  

Dynamically calculate Chinese Almanac information from 1900 to 2200 for 24 time zones. Find personal auspicious days for wedding day, grand opening day and residential relocation day. Complete bi-hourly, daily, monthly and yearly information of Purple White Flying Stars. Includes Find Feng Shui House by Flying Stars, Arrange Bedroom and Office. Baby Gender Predictor, Lucky Baby Names and many more...
Chinese Lunar Calendar  
Shows people how to convert the between Chinese lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar using high precision astronomical Sun and Moon data from 1 to 2246 AD with Visual Basic source codes. It took me more than 10 years to collect this Chinese Lunar Calendar programming information. If you are looking for the formula for years, now you can own it in a week with the special discount price.
Chinese Fortune Angel  

Shows personal Major cycle and yearly Life Charts. Tells people's Lucky Elements and Lucky Animals. Displays personal Opportunity Chart of Money and Career. Love Match enables to compare all people in the Name's database using birthday and time. Replaced by  Fortune Angel Premium Version.
Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar

Shows Chinese astrology birth chart in detail about the Five Elements for people interesting in studying Chinese astrology. No upgrade for this CD. all the Six Gods and Ten Representatives information are moved to Fortune Angel Premium Version.
Chinese Fortune Angel For Chue Foundation

This Fortune Angel Version includes the Chinese Astrology Hidden Stars Add-On module. This is designed for Astrology and Feng Shui professionals of Chue Style Feng Shui Foundation. Astrology Hidden Stars will be shown in the birth chart. There is a function to search the Hidden Stars in the yearly and 10-year major cycles. Certainly, you need the knowledge of Hidden Stars. No teaching material of Hidden Stars inside the software.
Book of Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar for China & USA
The book has two sets of Perpetual Calendars with high precision astronomical data from 1900 to 2010. The foundation of the programming in this website and CD are from this Chinese calendar bible. If you cannot memorize the sequence of 60 Stem-Branch cycle, then you need this book for quick reference. It's printed in Chinese. It is available for the people only in USA and Canada, because a book of 300 pages is too expensive to ship outside USA by air mail. Library of Congress Control Number : 91091212

Fortune Angel Love Match Reports

Best Love Match - Most Compatible Birthdays

The report gives people more than 100 (about 200) birthdays which are very compatible to their birthdays from the calculation results of Chinese astrology Match, Western Zodiac Match and Chinese Feng Shui Kua Number Match.
Angel Love Match - Marriage Analysis Report

This report analyzes the compatibility love match scores of two persons' birthday. It also predicts the love and marriage luck for the coming three years and coming three months. It helps people to determine the timing of the marriage.
Multiple Love Match Reports

This is a matching tool to let people pre-screen 20 qualified mates by using three different astrology matches. The report will tell people who are the perfect matches. This is the fastest and best way to select potential soul mates for a lasting relationship.

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Reports

Yearly and monthly Cycles - Chinese Astrology

The Yearly Chinese Astrology Report predicts people's fortune for the coming years. It includes current 10-year major cycle, next three years and coming 12 months Chinese astrology. It also tells you about your lucky elements and lucky animals.
Major Cycles - Chinese Astrology

The 10-Year Major Cycle Chinese Astrology Report predicts people's major lucks in the entire life. It includes 8 major cycles and next coming five years astrology prediction. It also tells you about your lucky elements and lucky animals.

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