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How to ask Chinese Astrology and Calendar Questions

Your questions about Chinese Astrology or the Calendar will be answered, always. If you didn't receive our email response then it could be that your email system erver might have gone down when we replied or perhaps the email address was invalid. Also, It might we haven't received your mail yet. We once received an email that had been sent four months earlier. Since no full-time person or professional is available to continually monitor the email, we try to reply to your email within one or two weeks depending on our daily schedule.

Try find your answer in the FAQ page, QA page and the major menu pages - Chinese Calendar Online, Farmer's Almanac and Site Index before asking.

About the Astrology Reading...

It's important that you help yourself to read your Birth-Chart first. You can learn how to read the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart, if you have a question. If you still have questions, then feel free to ask. When you ask for help, you need to provide your birthday, time, place and gender. We can only help people to find their Lucky Element one at a time, so please do not give us a list of birthdays.

About the Marriage, Career, and Wealth ...

If you have a marriage, career, or money problem and ask for astrology help, our help will be limited. We only can read your personality, help you understand yourself to improve your relationships with people and tell you when you will have better luck. Also, it's very hard for us to tell a nice person bad news. Plus, only knowing your astrology cannot change your marriage or earn more money for you. If you want to change something, you need to change yourself first and then maybe need some changes around you. In this latter case Feng Shui has more answers than astrology and for this you need to ask the Feng Shui experts. You may find more by reading the page of How to get a Better Life. Regardless. if you do need our help, we will still help you when our time is available.

Priority for Replying to Email ...

The following is the priority order we use to reply to email:-

  1. Educational questions from school teacher, librarians and QA providers
  2. Students working on their reports
  3. People researching the Chinese Calendar and Chinese Astrology
  4. Reporting the website errors
  5. Chinese Calendar, New Year, Holidays and Culture
  6. Trouble finding your Lucky Element
  7. Choose Baby Gender and Lucky Names
  8. Dating and Marriage Matching
  9. Others

Our email address is at mastertsai@yahoo.com

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