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Predict Baby Gender from Fortune-Telling

There are several ways to predict baby gender in the Chinese Astrology system. Because the limited fortune-telling information in this web site, you only have one way to predict the baby gender from here. The secret is that form the birth information of baby's FATHER, we can predict baby's gender. When the year is the Father's lucky year, he will have more chance to have a baby boy. The following shows you how to use our Fortune-Telling Calendar to predict baby's gender.

Enter Father's birth information from Chinese Fortune Calendar to find out his lucky element. The calendar will return his Five-Element scores. Usually, but not always, the element with the smallest score is his lucky element. Click here for more detail. Five Elements come to his life with two cycles. One comes in in 10-year (Decade) cycle. The other comes in annual cycle (very year).

You should know Father's age at the year baby's born. Assume Father's age is 30, the year is 1999 and his lucky element is wood (tree).

To find his lucky element at age 30 in the decade cycle is to click ‘Find your major decade cycles’ on the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar Return Screen. The five elements in Decade cycle will display like this.

Five elements in decade cycle
The score of wood at age 30 is 30. (in-between 21-31)

To find his lucky element for the coming year is to click ‘Check your luck for next 10 years’ on the same screen. The other way is from Find the weight of elements for 10 Years or List the weight of elements from 1900-2005 in Five Elements Menu.

Five elements in years
The score of wood in 1999 is 30.

Add the scores from decade cycle and annual cycle together. The case we have is 30+30=60. If the score is greater than 35, the Father has more than 70% chance to have a baby boy. If not a baby boy, the baby girl will be smart and pretty.

If the score is zero, then the Father have more than 80% chance to have a baby girl. If the score is about 20, you have to see that the baby's birthday is on which season or month. Five elements can apply on Season and month. (see Five-element chart) If you can find lucky element in the season or month, then the baby may be a boy.

Anyway, the higher score of lucky element father has, the best chance he gets a baby boy.

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