When Will the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis End?

Work Together to End of COVID-19 Pandemic Panic

Coronavirus Crisis: To save the world is everybody to stay home and stay healthy. If you need to go outside, then please wear a mask in public and always wash hands when getting into the house. Wearing mask reminds you of not touching your face. That's the way to stop coronavirus enter the body through your mouth, nose, and eyes.

COVID-19 was Discovered in Wuhan, China

The first person infected the coronavirus is in the city of Wuhan, China in early December of 2019. It was called the 2019 novel coronavirus. Later China asked the World Health Organization (WHO) renamed it COVID-19. On March 28, 2020, the coronavirus has killed more than 27,000 people and infected more than 597,000 worldwide. Spain has 65,719 cases and 5,138 deaths. The mortality rate is more than 7.8%. Italy has 86,498 cases, 9,134 deaths, and a 10% mortality rate. As of Match 28, U.S. has 104,256 confirmed cases and 1,704 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University. Coronavirus COVID-19 impacts our economy, food supply, travel, and lifestyles. It brings the life-threatening fear to people. Coronavirus disease keeps outbreaking. When will the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic stop? Here, we want to do the prediction using the advanced theory of Chinese astrology Five Elements and I-Ching oracle.

2020 is the year of Yang Metal Rat . The Rat year started on February 4, 2020. It's Yin Earth Pig year before February 4, 2020. Zodiac Pig contains Yang Water and Yang Wood . COVID-19 was discovered in December of 2019, which is the Yang Fire Rat month. Rat is Yin Water, which is the cold water. Therefore the coronavirus should have a connection with Water. 2020 is the Metal Rat year. Metal is the mother element of Water and can protect water from running away. Therefore, COVID-19 will survive a long time in 2020.

The Hexagram Signs of I-Ching Oracle

Yang Metal of 2020 is connected to the strong Wind. Rat of 2020 is Water. The sign of Yang Metal Rat in I-Ching is Wind over Water. When the wind blows over water, it creates water waves, dispersion. That is a sign of scattered people or unfocused-mind people. The dispersion will cause some damage first. Since water will reunite eventually, it just needs time to regroup the dispersed mind back to an integral mind. That means a calm and persistent approach is required to overcome the obstacles. Then we can stay away from the danger.

Yang Metal is also related to an extremely powerful weapon or energy. Yang Metal of Five Elements is associated with the Sky of I-Ching. The sign of Metal Rat is Sky over Water in I-Ching. It's a sign of the dispute for the needs. That implies that a strong heart for the victory in the argument will put yourself in danger. If the dispute won't stop, it might cause a war.

A function of the Wind is to travel and spread the seeds. A weapon of Yang Metal is preparing for a battle. The Water of River is the danger. Water from the sky is the rain, which is connected to the needs. We need a cautious manner to stay away from danger. We need to unite together to overcome the dangerous environment.

Identify the Element of the Virus

In Chinese Five Element Astrology, Yang Metal of 2020 is connected to dry air or lung. The Rat is connected to cold water or cold weather. They said the current global spread of the coronavirus shows that it prefers cool and dry climates. Or we can say warmer temperatures and more humid conditions could slow the spread of coronavirus. The major event in 2020 is the coronavirus pandemic. 2020 is a strong water year. That tells us the coronavirus is something to do with the water.

The Lancet journals reported, "The Health Commission of Hubei province, China, first announced a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia on December 31, 2019." That confirmed the spread of infection started in December 2019. The first known case in the U.S. was confirmed on January 20, 2020, in a man who returned from Wuhan.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) website posted the first confirmed COVID-19 case in China was on December 8. The Lancet said the earliest infected patients in Wuhan were treated on December 1, 2020. However, according to the South China Morning Post, the first case of COVID-19 can be traced back to November 17, 2020, based on unpublished Chinese government data. The Chinese government cannot confirm that is the 'patient zero'.

November 2019 is the Wooden Pig month. 2019 was the Earth Pig year. Pig is in the Water group. November 2019 is a strong Water month. Since coronavirus is so active and aggressive in the strong water of 2020, the major element of the COVID-19 should be the water. Now we want to use the Water element to represent COVID-19 and study its life cycle.

In 1984, Master Si-Ying, a Taiwanese fortuneteller, published his Chinese astrology theory to predict the beginning date and ending date of an event. He can precisely predict the exact verdict date of a lawsuit, exact discharge date of jailing, exact recovery date from sickness, etc. However, we cannot do that because we don't have the birthday of the COVID-19. Here, we just want to predict the ending month of the coronavirus crisis. In other words, we assume the COVID-19 crisis will last for months, not years.

Traditionally, the first month of the Chinese astrology is the Tiger month, which starts around February 4 each year. Master Si-Ying uses a different approach. 2019 is the year of Yin Earth Pig. Yin Earth of 2019 started at Yang Earth Dragon month, April 2019. It ended at Yang Wood Dog month, October 2019. Pig Water of 2019 started at Yin Wood Pig month, November 2019. It ends at Yin Metal Snake month (May 2020), Yang Water Horse month (June 2020) or Yin Water Sheep month (July 2020).

The Life Cycle of the Water

Five Elements have their rise, peak and fall periods during the year. The 12 life cycles of Five Elements help us to understand the strength of elements in the astrological months. We think the major characteristics of COVID-19 is water. COVID-19 was probably born in November Pig month of the Earth Pig Year. Pig contains Yang Water. If Yang Water represents the COVID-19, then Yang Water at Snake month (May) is the Vanish cycle. May of 2020 is Yin Metal Snake month. Yang Metal is a strong wind. Yin Metal is connected to slow air current, dirty air or virus. Snake contains Yang Fire, which is the sun. The heat of the sun can kill the virus.

Coronavirus started to outspread European countries and the USA a little bit late. The first US infected in the U.S. was on January 20, 2020. Water in December 2019 and January 2020 is the Yin Water. If Yin Water represents the COVID-19 for the western countries, then Yin Water at Horse month (June 2020) is the Vanish cycle. Yin Water at Sheep month (July 2020) is the Tomb cycle.

Therefore, the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic could be under control in June 2020 or July 2020. China might end the panic before European countries and the USA.

August UPDATE: People fear death because there is currently no vaccine or preventative treatment for COVID-19. We should focus on the mortality rate, the percentage of deaths over the infected cases. Some countries suppress COVID-19 spreading well. The mortality rate of New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, etc. is lower than 2% by June 2020. Their businesses are running. Stay at home order is gradually removed. Wearing face masks in public is not required for healthy people. The official lockdown period of Wuhan, China, was four months long.

US government is gradually reopening the business in June 2020. Although the infected number is slightly rising. By June 22, 2020, the US mortality rate dropped down to 5.12% from 6% in May 2020. We are expecting an even lower mortality rate in July of the summer. That means Americans can receive the proper treatments for COVID-19 under US medical resources.

The above is the Master Si-Ying's months-event approach. The event duration is about six months window. If the crisis of the pandemic still exists during the autumn, which is the season of the Metal, then the coronavirus pandemic becomes a years-event. To calculate the event duration using the years-event approach is required everybody's current Chinese Astrology Major Cycle.

Note: Yang Metal of 2020 starts at Metal Dragon month, April 2020. It will end at Fire Dog month, October. Rat Water of 2020 starts at Fire Pig month, November. It will end in Wooden Horse month, June 2021 or Wooden Sheep month, July 2021.

December UPDATE: Most Asia countries well-control the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. All businesses are opening and back to normal. But people are still wearing masks in the public area. However, the USA, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and European countries do not look good in control of the COVID-19. The USA started the second wave of coronavirus spread at the end of October. Probably something to do with the presidential campaign, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. The daily deaths go up to more than 4000; it forces the second lockdown in the many US cities. Luckily, The USA approved the COVID-19 vaccine in mid-December. All Americans and people in the world are waiting for the vaccine shots. Americans missed the chance to stop COVID-19 spread in the summer of 2020. We will discuss the second chance in the 2021 later.

COVID-19 Mortality Rate in USA

President Trump infected novel coronavirus on October 1, 2020. After receiving the treatments, he had a speedy recovery within a week. He told Americans that "Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life." President Trump wants the COVID-19 patiences have the same treatment like him.

According to COVID-19 statistic data of the worldmeters.info, the total number of infected Americans is 7,879,565, and the total number of deaths is 218,356 on October 9. The number is growing. Wearing a mask in a public place is is mandatory in most US states now. Many Americans are still reluctant to wear masks. It looks that they don't fear death associated with COVID-19 anymore. The following is the COVID-19 Mortality Rate of deaths over the infected cases.

Mortality Rate = Coronavirus Deaths / Infected Cases
April 8 12,956397,0003.2%
April 1525,922606,8004.3%
April 2953,0341,000,0005.3%
May 671,0771,200,0005.9%
May 2798,9371,600,0006.1%
June 24121,9782,300,0005.3%
July 15136,3563,400,0004.9%
July 29150,1004,300,003.5%
August 26179,2155,800,0003.1%
September 16196,4106,600,0002.9%
September 24207,5387,185,4712.8%
October 9218,3567,879,5652.77%
wikipedia.org & worldmeters.info
November 11247,29810,772,7962.3%
December 7290,39615,449,4961.9%
January 9381,48022,699,9381.7%

May and June were the challenge time for US medical doctors to save COVID-19 patients' lives. The mortality rate (Deaths/Infected) of COVID-19 has dropped below 3% in September. It contiunes to drop in October. Many Americans probably don't panic about infecting the virus.

On October 9, the total of coronavirus infected cases is 7,879,565. Some people tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms. The total number of confirmed cases that had an outcome is only 5,269,341. Total of 5,050,985 (96%) people recovered. A total of 218,356 people died. The death rate is 4%. The above chart shows the death rate is decreasing.

Therfore, we need to prevent from infecting the coronavius by wearing a mask, washing hands, remembering the soical distance and maintaining healthy. If we infected with symptoms, then we have 96% chances to survive. When the coronavirus vaccine is ready, it provides us peace of mind when we get infected with COVID-19.

The Future Impact of the Coronavirus

The Metal of 2020 is a strong wind and the Rat of 2020 is cold rain. The dark side of the Metal Rat is connected to the hurricane. It could blow and wash away our properties and lives. It's an opportunity for us to rethink, rebuild and restart our lifestyles from the lesson of the Coronavirus. People might need to apply more A.I. and robot technology to minimize the next pandemic disease. Then humans can evolve again to a new civilization.

Everything appearing in this world should have a reason. So is COVID-19. It seems a awaken call to humanity. COVID-19 is challenging human's civilization. Fears of COVID-19 are falling from the sky. Everybody needs to stop, listen and respond to its messages. COVID-19 forces people staying home, changing hygiene habit and avoiding travel. Although COVID-19 brings the big hit on business and our income, our world becomes much quieter without people gathering and much cleaner without air pollution. COVID-19 speaks for Mother Earth. We should allow its existence. We very wish it become benign and harmonious to humans.

We owe millions of thanks to the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, emergency room professionals, manufacturers for medical equipment - heroes on the front line of the coronavirus combat. To support our heroes is to stay home, stay clean, stay healthy and pray for healing the world with love and peace.


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